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2pc Advanced Single Color SMD Motorcycle Lighting Add-On Kit

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LEDGlow’s 2pc Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Add-On Kit allows you to easily add additional single color motorcycle lighting strips to your existing Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit.

LEDGlow’s 2pc Advanced Single Color LED Flexible Motorcycle Add-On Strips allows you add additional SMD motorcycle lighting strips to your existing Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit. These add on kits are available in 5", 7", 9" and 11" strip options; all available in color options including Blue, Red, Green, White, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow. Every motorcycle led lights add on kit includes a 2pc power harness for an easy installation. LEDGlow's LED lights for motorcycles include a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

LEDGlow is now offering Adhesion Promoter, which is a liquid primer that creates an extra layer of adhesion between the LED strip and the mounting surface your bike when installing one of LEDGlow’s Motorcycle Lighting Kits. Using this adhesion promoter is not required for installation, but allows for a much stronger bond than simply installing the light strip with the included double-sided tape on the lighting strip.

3M Adhesion Promoter
3M Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion Promoter provides additional strength by creating a stronger bond between the light strip and mounting location that will last over time, rather than just using the provided double-sided tape. This promoter is available from 3 packets all the way up to 27 packets and not required for installation.

  • Provides Additional Adhesion Strength Between the LED Light & Mounting Location
  • Available from 3, 9, 18, or 27 Promoter Packets
LEDGlow | Motorcycle/ATV Add-On Harness 01:27

LEDGlow | Motorcycle/ATV Add-On Harness

Product Reviews

  1. Splitting off of lighting run

    After purchasing a 10 light kit, I wanted more lights so I was able to add two extra lighting runs after replacing a plug-in on my 10 light kit. The remotes are great. The lights really make me visible at night! I highly recommend these to all who want to dress up their bike and make it look personalized.

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  2. very very

    very good

    Posted by on
  3. Small glitch

    This was my third order and I had not
    Had one problem. But while installing
    These strips I found that one of the small
    Wire clips was not connected to the wire.
    I had already mounted the strips using
    The 3M tape and wire ties. When connecting
    To the harness I found that one of the clips
    Was not attached to the wire.

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