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Advanced Million Color ATV SMD LED Lights

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LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color ATV LED Light Kit adds extremely vibrant and bright color modes to your ATV. The durable, waterproof Control Box can stand up to whatever punishment your ATV can withstand.

LEDGlow's Advanced Million Color ATV LED Light Kit utilizes ultra-bright, surface mounted RGB LED technology allowing all the included color modes to be extremely vibrant and bright for added visibility and a custom style that is second to none. The featured SMD LEDs are so remarkable that even when looking directly at each flexible strip you cannot see the three separate LEDs that are used to make each individual solid color!

Each 6pc-20pc Advanced Million Color ATV Lighting Kit now includes a waterproof control box, (2) 4 button wireless remotes, and all installation and mounting hardware. The included control box offers incredible features that include, 15 solid color modes, 2 color cycle modes, 3 flashing modes, and 1 fading mode. The waterproof control box features a new, unique round design that measures at 1 5/8" in diameter and 5/8" in height making it extremely easy to hide under the seat. Attached to the control box is 18" of wire with a male modular connector that connects to the power harness and 12" of power and ground wires that connect to the battery. The power wire features a waterproof 2 amp inline blade fuse that protects the power circuit of the control box. LEDGlow’s LED lights for ATVs include a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

LEDGlow's Advanced Million Color Wire Extensions easily connect to the power wires on your flexible SMD lighting strips to extend the 4' power wires in 1', 2', 3' or 5' additional lengths. This is perfect for larger ATVs for lighting strips that are being mounted in locations further away from your control box.

LEDGlow is now offering 3M™ Adhesion Promoter, which is a liquid primer that creates an extra layer of adhesion between the LED strip and the mounting surface your ATV. Using this adhesion promoter is not required for installation, but allows for a much stronger bond than simply installing the light strip with the included 3M™ Tape on the lighting strip.


Advanced Million Color SMD ATV Lighting Kit Includes:

  • Waterproof, Round Control Box
  • (2) 4 Button Wireless Remotes
  • 15 Solid Color Modes Include Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Teal, Orange, Aqua,
    Yellow, Light Pink, Light Green, Light Purple, Cool Blue, Cool White & Warm White
  • 2 Color Cycle Modes, 3 Flashing Modes, and 1 Fading Mode
  • Strips are 1/4" in Depth
  • 4' of Wire per Strip
  • Strips can be Cut to Size
  • Installation Instructions
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Free Lifetime Techincal Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Smartphone Control Box
  • Smartphone Control Box
  • Smartphone Control Box
  • Smartphone Control Box
  • Smartphone Control Box
  • Smartphone Control Box

Upgrading your kit to include the smartphone control box unlocks a collection of features that you can easily select from via the Motorcycle Control App on your iOS or Android smartphone. The app allows you to select virtually any solid color via the integrated color wheel and enables dual zone lighting that illuminates 2 different sections of your dirt bike with different colors, automatic brake lights feature that mirrors your dirt bike’s factory brake lights, and hazard lights feature. The control box connects to your smartphone via a secure, Bluetooth 4.0 LE Connection.

  • LEDGlow Motorcycle Control App for iOS & Android Devices
  • Allows Up To 1,000 SMD LEDs for Maximum Brightness
  • Dual Zone Lighting Illuminates 2 Separate Sections of Your Dirt Bike with 2 Different Colors
  • Automatic Brake Lights Feature Mirrors Dirt Bike’s Brake Lights when Brakes are Applied
  • Low Voltage Shut Off Setting Helps Conserve The Dirt Bike’s Battery
  • Includes 2 Wireless Remotes & Secure Bluetooth 4.0 LE Connection
1' & 2' Wiring Extensions
1' & 2' Wiring Extensions

These wiring extensions add 1’ or 2’ of wiring to the 4’ of wire attached to the light strip to reach further areas of the ATV. Extensions are available in pairs from 2pc all the way up to 10pc to account for strips mounted on both sides of the ATV.

  • Extends 4’ ATV Light Strip Wiring An Additional 1’ or 2’ in Length
  • Available in 2pc, 4pc, 6pc, 8pc or 10pc Options
3' & 5' Wiring Extensions
3' & 5' Wiring Extensions

These wiring extensions are ideal for larger ATVs, and add 3’ or 5’ of wiring to the 4’ of wire attached to the light strip to reach areas that it may not reach without. Extensions are available in pairs from 2pc all the way up to 10pc to account for strips mounted on both sides of the ATV.

  • Extends 4’ ATV Light Strip Wiring An Additional 3’ or 5’ in Length
  • Available in 2pc, 4pc, 6pc, 8pc or 10pc Options
3M Adhesion Promoter
3M Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion Promoter provides additional strength by creating a stronger bond between the light strip and mounting location that will last over time, rather than just using the provided double-sided tape. This promoter is available from 1 packet all the way up to 12 packets and not required for installation.

  • Provides Additional Adhesion Strength Between the LED Light & Mounting Location
  • Available from 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 Promoter Packets
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LEDGlow | Advanced Million Color ATV LED Lighting Kit

LEDGlow | How To Install ATV LED Lights

Product Reviews

  1. easy to install, great addition to my ATV

    Easy to install everything that was needed was provided. Awesome colors and cool addition to the ATV.

    Posted by on
  2. Awesome!

    First time i ever put underglow on and was pretty simple. Hardest thing about it was getting all the wires neat and tidy under my raptor 350 so it was out of the way for the seat. All ill all i love it and well worth the time to install. Id recommend it to anyone and everyone and i already had! You have me as a customer for life!

    Posted by on
  3. Excellent LED's

    Quick shipping, easy to follow instructions, easy install, and reasonably priced.

    Posted by on
  4. Very bright

    Very fast shipping, extremely easy installation, and unbelievably bright. A definite product I would recommend.

    Posted by on
  5. Great set of LED'S

    When I first received my set I really liked the way they were made, the coating over the lights looks and feels like it will stand a beating. Mounting the lights was easy and i used the 3m adhesions promoter, they stuck on the first try and feel like you would have to pry them off with a crow bar if you wanted to take them off! The hook up was simple, I would definitely buy them again.

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow Advanced Million Color ATV Quad LED Lighting Kit - 6pc-20pc Multi Color Waterproof LED Flex Strips - Includes Control Box & 2 Wireless Remotes

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