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Million Color Engine Bay LED Lights

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LEDGlow's Flexible Million Color Engine Lighting kit consists of (6) 6" flexible tubes featuring a total of 72 ultra bright LEDs. A remote operated control box manages 15 solid color modes as well as strobing, fading, and color cycle modes.

LEDGlow’s redesigned 6pc Flexible Million Color Engine Bay Lighting Kit universally fits 72 ultra-bright SMD LED chips into the engine compartment, perfect for showcasing the work you’ve done under the hood. Featuring (6) 6” flexible tubes that can be bent or curved to the desired position, the mounting options are endless. Each lighting tube features 4.5’ of wire maximizing the mounting options using the included 3M™ tape and zip ties.

The redesigned sleek and easy to hide control box features 4 flash patterns, 3 scan modes, 1 color cycle mode and 1 color fading mode. Users can also choose from 15 solid color options that include blue, red, green, orange, purple, pink, white, teal, yellow as well as different shades of those colors. The control box features 6 ports that allows for plug and play connectivity and is about half of the size of the previous version measuring at 2 ¼” x 3 ¼” x ½”. All of the included lighting patterns and colors are easily selected using the included wireless remote.

With 4.5’ of power and ground wires included out of the box, this kit can be installed directly to the vehicle’s battery. If you don’t want to power the kit directly from the battery, other power options such as the Expandable Circuit and Cigarette Lighter Adapter are available. LEDGlow’s Expandable Circuit powers the kit directly from the fuse box and the Cigarette Lighter Adapter quickly powers the kit from the cigarette lighter receptacle.

LEDGlow stands by each of its products with a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Flexible Million Color LED Engine Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (72) Ultra-Bright 3014 SMD LEDs
  • (12) SMD LEDs per Tube
  • (6) 6” Flexible Tubes with 4.5’ of Wire
  • (1) Sleek & Easy to Hide Control Box with Wireless Remote
  • (15) Solid Colors Include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, White, Teal & Yellow with Variations of those Colors
  • (4) Flash Patterns
  • (3) Scan Modes
  • (1) Color Cycle Mode
  • (1) Color Fade Mode
  • (6) 3M™ Tape Strips
  • (12) 3M™ Tape Pads
  • (14) Screws
  • (6) Zip Ties
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter

Using the Cigarette Lighter Adapter is a quick and easy solution to power your interior lighting kit from the cigarette lighter receptacle. This accessory features 3-1/2’ of wiring and also helps you avoid running the kit’s power wires to the vehicle’s battery. Simply crimp the kit’s power and ground wires into the quick-crimp connectors, insert those into the butt-connectors and the adapter into the cigarette lighter port! It’s that easy!

  • Powers Interior Lights Directly from the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle
  • Includes 3-1/2’ of Wiring with Butt-Connectors & Quick-Crimp Connectors
Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse

Using an Expandable Circuit allows you to power your kit from your vehicle’s fuse box without having to cut or splice into your factory wiring. The expandable circuit functions by replacing an existing fuse in the fuse panel to gain power from and then inserting the factory fuse into the open slot on the expandable circuit. The Expandable Circuit features ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 and Micro3 fuse sizes, while also including a 4 amp fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 includes 5 amp fuse) for circuit protection.

  • Powers Lights from Fuse Box
  • Expandable Circuit Sizes: ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 & Micro3
  • Includes 4 Amp Fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 Includes 5 Amp Fuse)

Product Reviews

  1. Very happy

    Simple and easy installation, the light mode options are great and bright, I'm very satisfied with this product and will continue to buy from ledglow

    Posted by on
  2. Nice

    Good product for the price, remote looks kinda cheaply made, but everything works good so far. I just installed them yesterday, though.

    Posted by on
  3. Love all the kits

    I have been sporting the 3 Advanced Million upderbody for 6 years and only had to replace the Tubes that i broke by being careless in also sport interior, wheel well & engine bay and if you take careof it and install it right clean it and check it for normal ware and tare and fix its problems 5 years undermy car only have 3 shorts and i just re wired the usb to the led tube resealed it...and who cares where you install it as long as its legit and looks good F$@% IT hell i got 2 grill tubes in my right and i get more compliments then the guy with the brand new charger ledglow keep up the great work only thing is i woul like a extension option on the engine bay kit so i can add a few more strips for some better bling

    Posted by on

    I have an eclipse that is pushing 400 hp. I take it to car shows monthly. I have the interior kit (green), the underbody kit is in the mail now (green), and the wheel well kit is also installed (green) BY FAR the best value for the dollar that I have EVER SPENT! And trust me nothing in the car is stock :)

    Posted by on
  5. Awsome result

    Love these, they are bright, overall function is phenomenal.

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow Million Color Engine Bay LED Lighting Kit - 6pc Kit of 6" Flexible LED Light Tubes - Includes Compact Control Box & Wireless Remote

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