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  • 4pc Million Color Golf Cart Expandable Underbody Light Kit
  • Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit
  • Million Color LED Golf Cart Lighting Kit with Canopy, Wheel Well & Interior Add-On Kits
  • 4pc Million Color Golf Cart Expandable Underbody Light Kit
  • 4pc Million Color Golf Cart Expandable Underbody Light Kit Unboxed
  • LEDGlow 4pc Million Color Golf Cart Underglow Kit

Expandable Million Color Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit

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Take your golf cart game to the next level by adding a brand new look and style to your cart with the unique and visually stunning, Expandable Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Light Kit!

Expanding on the features of the previous generation kit, LEDGlow’s Underbody Lights not only enhance the look of your golf cart, but this accessory lighting package provides added safety features as well. The solid colors included in the kit are blue, red, green, orange, teal, pink, hot pink, purple, white, and yellow.

What's Included
The new Expandable Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Lights Kit features (2) 28” and (2) 18” flexible tubes, for a total of 84 ultra-bright, wide angle SMD LEDs, while the earlier version of the kit housed 48 SMD LEDs in (4) 24” tubes. The underbody tube lengths included with this kit are sized specifically for golf carts. By including two different lengths, it allows for each section of the golf cart to be properly illuminated, leaving no section without light.

This kit also includes an easy-to-use control box, two wireless remotes, 12 port junction box, and a connection cable used to link the junction box to the control box. Not using all of the ports on the junction box? Each kit includes 8 port plugs that close each open port to protect it from any unwanted debris or moisture.

Control Box Modes
Control Box Modes include Solid Illumination with 9 unique colors, 3 Strobe Modes, a Color Cycle, 3 Fade Modes, 2 Flashing Modes, Color Fade & Gradient Mode, a Demo Mode, 4 Sound-Activated Modes and an S.O.S. Flashing Mode and more. Additional options include 5 Speed Settings to fine-tune each pattern to your preferred speed level. In comparison, the previous version of the kit did not include several of the features of the new kit, such as the S.O.S. Flashing Mode, 3 Fade Modes and 3 Strobe Modes. Users can select the featured solid colors or lighting modes by using either of the two included wireless remotes or 4 buttons located directly on the control box.

Add-On Options
Newer features also include optional Interior Lighting, Wheel Well Lighting, or Interior/Canopy Lighting Add-On Kits. The Interior Add-On contains (4) 8” Interior Tubes for a total of 24 ultra-bright, wide angle SMD LEDs, while the Wheel Well Add-On has (4) 12” Wheel Well Tubes for a total of 48 ultra-bright, wide angle SMD LEDs. The Interior/Canopy Add-On features (2) 36" canopy lights with (2) 8" interior tubes, illuminating under the canopy shining down on the seats and steering wheel, as well as the footwell from the interior tubes. These kits are an ideal complement to your underbody lighting kit, further enhancing the look of your golf cart by providing added lighting in the wheel well, footwell, and canopy sections of the cart. Adding each tube is as easy as mounting them to their desired locations and plugging the connectors into the 12 port junction box. No additional accessories are required. It’s that simple!

12 Volt Powered
This golf cart underbody lighting kit can only be powered by a 12 volt system. LEDGlow offers a Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer for golf carts with a higher voltage battery to safely install and power any 12v LED lighting accessory to your electric golf cart with ease.

LEDGlow's Guarantee
LEDGlow includes installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one-year limited warranty with each purchase.

  • (2) 28” & (2) 18” Water Resistant, Flexible Tubes
  • 84 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • Easy-To-Use Control Box with 2 Wireless Remotes
  • Solid Color Modes Include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Teal, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, White & Yellow
  • Lighting Effects Include 3 Strobe Modes, 2 Flash Modes, Color Fade, Gradient Mode & Demo Mode
  • 1 Color Cycle & 3 Fade Modes
  • 4 Sound-Activated Modes
  • 12 Port Junction Box with 8 Port Plugs
  • Connection Cable
  • 9’ of Wire per Tube
  • Powered by any 12 Volt System
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
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Product Reviews

  1. Great Quality, Lots of fun

    I was very impressed with the quality of the lights, they definitely are not cheap led rope lights. The casing on them is hard and perfect for protecting the lights under the body.

    The lights are very bright, I added these for the accent but also to make the cart more visible when we drive it through the neighborhood at night. And it absolutely makes it stand out.

    My kids love playing with the different colors and functions that it has.

    Extremely satisfied and would highly recommend

    Posted by on
  2. Great product, easy to install

    We love the lights for our golf cart, what a hit. Pretty easy to install, just have to manage the extra lengths of wire, but that is not a problem. We definitely love the look it gives to our EZ GO Express L6.

    Posted by on
  3. Fantastic!

    I am blown away! Install was a breeze! When I turned them on I couldn’t believe how awesome they look! I get so many compliments!

    Posted by on
  4. Go big or go home.

    Ledglow is the only why to go. Don t go anywhere else. I never will.

    Posted by on
  5. Awesome!!

    Installed these on my golf cart was simple this has a loft of options on modes... The sound mode is awesome... Excellent quality product.. Will definitely do business with you again... I have a few ask where I got them.. Im sure I'll g doing installs in the near future.... Haven't had a issue with the 3m rape but I used rubbing alcohol to clean surface first uf that helps anyone..

    Posted by on

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