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Auto Strobe Light Kits

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Xenon Headlight Strobe Kit
4pc HID Xenon Headlight Strobe Light Kit
List Price: $299.99
Your Price: $79.99
4pc HID Xenon Headlight Strobe Light Kit
2 Additional 15ft Strobe Wires
2 Additional 15ft Strobe Wires
List Price: $29.99
Your Price: $24.99
2 Additional 15ft Strobe Wires

LEDGlow offers an intelligent auto strobe light kit to be used as show car strobes or emergency vehicle lights. The strobe lights are an EMERGENCY GRADE product, which produce an intense bright white flash. Each U shaped strobe light bulb carries 60 watts of power and it has a rubber friction fit waterproof seal on the strobe light itself. The control box on the strobe light kit is completely waterproof and can be installed in the engine compartment. This strobe kit features 15 selectable flash patterns for a stunning display. This strobe light kit also features SSF which allows the kit to be synchronized with the vehicles alarm system. When the alarm system is triggered, the ultra-bright lights flash, creating an immense warning effect. The strobe light kit can also be activated by simply pressing the "seek / panic" button for car for an easier search in big parking lots.