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Headlight Accessories

Auto Strobe Lights
LEDGlow offers an auto strobe light kit to be used as show car strobes or emergency vehicle lights. These kits are available in a two piece or four piece kit and produce an intense bright white flash using emergency grade strobe lights.
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Xenon Headlight Strobe Kit
4pc HID Xenon Headlight Strobe Light Kit
List Price: $299.99
Your Price: $79.99
4pc HID Xenon Headlight Strobe Light Kit

LEDGlow’s Headlight Accessories provide custom style, as well as an additional safety feature to any vehicle. Our Audi style headlights feature side emitting LEDs that are designed to contour around your existing headlights giving your vehicle a look that is similar to Audi’s head light system. The HID strobe kit is an emergency grade product that features four 60 watt bulbs which produce an intense bright white flash, which is perfect for emergency vehicles or show cars.