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LED Underglow Kits

LEDGlow offers a wide variety of LED underglow light kits that are designed and priced for any car enthusiast. Our product line includes single and multi-color LED underglow lights. That includes the most advanced kit on the market today; our Advanced 3 Million underglow kit. LEDGlow’s underglow lighting kits are compatible with all vehicle make and models.

LEDGlow’s underglow kits utilize the latest LED technology to bring you the most reliable and affordable lighting system in the industry. LEDGlow utilizes ultra-bright, wide angle LEDs that are housed in high impact, water resistant tubes that will give your vehicle a custom, one of a kind look. Each LED underglow kit includes a variety of features to give you a distinct look, setting your vehicle apart from the competition. Our underglow kits feature solid illumination modes, multiple lighting effects, as well as sound activation modes, which allow the underglow kit to flash with the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle.

LEDGlow offers the most reliable LED underglow lights in the industry, and we back each LED underglow kit with free lifetime technical support and one year limited warranty.