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24" Advanced 3 Million USB Grille Light Add-On Tube

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LEDGlow’s Advanced 3 Million Color 24” USB Grille Light Tube connects to your existing Advanced 3 Million Color Underbody Kit, adding a matching glow to your vehicle’s grille.

LEDGlow’s 24” Advanced 3 Million USB LED Grille Light Add-On tube works with our Advanced 3 Million Underbody Kit and includes 13’ of power wire for easy mounting. Enhance the look of your car or truck’s front end with ultra-bright LED grill lights which follow the same color patterns and lighting effects of your underbody kit. With this grill LED light bar you’ll experience a comprehensive LED lighting experience for your vehicle.

Product Reviews

  1. Led grill light kit

    Very awesome! High quality and durable. Love the connection adapter. Ordering the 3 million led underglow truck kit and the 4pc add on interior kit next. Can't wait to see it all linked together. Highly recommended. Thanks ledglow. Justin.

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  2. Completes the look

    Fills in that strange dark void behind the grill, mounted the tube just above the grill where it can shine down and illuminate without the actual tube being visible. Makes a very nice look to complete the underglow. Highly recommend, the few dollars this costs will make a substantial difference in the impression your underglow makes.

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