About LEDGlow

It was 2001. The Fast and The Furious was in theaters and a trend was starting to build in aftermarket automotive lighting.  After ordering an underbody lighting kit off eBay and never receiving the product, two brothers in southern New Jersey set out to make a change. A small company called The Neon Edge was born to capitalize on an opportunity to change the aftermarket car industry forever. During a time when selling aftermarket car products directly to customers was unheard of, The Neon Edge was looking to change the buying experience for customers while making a name for themselves. The goal was to create a simpler buying experience for customers by selling directly to the customer via the web.

The dream became a reality when they started distributing neon lighting kits for vehicle underbodies and interiors from the basement of their family home while also finishing high school. Neon underbody kits although bright, were thick, fragile and heavy. Neon kits were inline kits, meaning each tube had to daisy chain to the next to power the entire kit. If one tube cracked or had gas leak, the entire kit would go out. Despite these shortcomings with neon, The Neon Edge brought convenience to neon lighting kits that previously wasn’t available anywhere else - wireless remotes. The Neon Edge provided customers with a two button wireless remote that allowed users to control their neon underbody lighting kit with another power option than the typical on/off switch provided with other kits.

In the years that followed, LED lighting (light emitting diodes) would become more popular for commercial use, replacing incandescent and neon lighting alternatives. In 2004, The Neon Edge spearheaded the revolution by developing underbody and interior lighting kits using LEDs exclusively and never looked back. LED technology provides users with lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical strength, and smaller sizing which are ideal features for aftermarket lighting kits. The Neon Edge took the industry by storm with single color underbody and interior kits that included control boxes and wireless remotes. Interior lighting kits became a popular seller, as The Neon Edge was the only company not restricting the power supply to a cigarette lighter adapter. This allowed users more customization when installing and powering interior lighting kits.

To keep up with demand The Neon Edge began manufacturing and designing their own lighting kits in 2006. With this advancement, they continued to expand their product base and developed kits for a variety of uses, including motorcycles, golf carts, home theater, ATVs, boats, and more. In 2007, The Neon Edge name was left behind, like neon lighting had been years earlier, and LEDGlow Lighting, LLC was born. The evolution of the products that followed were most impressive with motorcycle lighting. Motorcycle lighting kits have come a long way from the large, clunky tubes that were difficult to install to small areas on a motorcycle. Through the years, LEDGlow improved their motorcycle lighting kits with slimmer, brighter, and more reliable flexible light strips. In 2012, LEDGlow lighting revolutionized the industry yet again by introducing a smartphone controlled underbody lighting system. Given the growth in market share of smartphones and the number of apps being downloaded by users, an underbody lighting system that used a smartphone as the controller was inevitable, but LEDGlow made the first of its kind. Most recently in 2016, LEDGlow brought smartphone control to their Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lighting Kit, featuring innovative features never before seen. Features include dual zone control, automatic brake and hazard lighting, and a low voltage shut-off setting.

Throughout the years, LEDGlow has maintained control over the entire customer experience by designing and distributing its products, while keeping their customer support, technical support, and marketing teams in-house. When you make a purchase from LEDGlow, you are receiving product designed in our offices and shipped directly from our warehouse. When you need to contact support, you are talking to an educated team member who is in the same location your product ships from. The future is bright for LEDGlow, as the company continues to expand and update their lighting products without losing sight of their goal to directly provide customers with the highest quality automotive lighting.