2pc Amber LED Truck Running Board Lighting Kit with White Courtesy Lights


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LEDGlow’s 2pc Amber Truck Running Board LED Light Kit with White Courtesy Lights will make your truck stand out on the road, alerting other drivers of your every move by illuminating the sides of the truck and ground beneath with ultra-bright amber LEDs. This LED running board light kit comes equipped with Running Lights, Turn Signals and Courtesy Lights features. Choose between two sizes: 52” strips for regular cab trucks with 135 SMD LEDs per strip; or 70” strips for extended cab/crew cab trucks with 180 SMD LEDs per strip.

Installation Features

These LED strip lights for running boards feature a waterproof design so they will endure tougher weather conditions. Mount them to the bottom of the truck or behind the running board using the included double-sided tape for a secure fit. Our LED side marker lights for trucks come with everything required for installation including 9’ of power wire per strip, double-sided tape, butt splice connectors, zip ties and instructions.

Running Lights:

Connect the orange wire to the headlight switch source to access the Running Lights. This function creates solid amber LED illumination that makes your truck more visible on the road when driving at night, especially in rain, fog and overcast conditions. This feature works with your truck’s headlights, so that when you turn on your headlights, the running boards on either side of your truck will also be illuminated. Experience an added security measure during your drive, while also accentuating your truck with LED truck step lights.

Turn Signals:

Connecting the orange wire to the truck’s turn signal wires enables the amber LEDs on your running boards to flash whenever the turn signals or hazard lights are engaged. The Turn Signals work in tandem with your standard turn signals, and every other LED will flash to indicate either the left or right turn signal respectively. Along with looking great, there is an added safety feature. When merging onto a road or shifting lanes, other drivers will be aware of your turns by seeing the amber LED running board lights flashing.

Courtesy Lights:

Connect the white wire to the interior dome light wire, and ultra-bright white LEDs will illuminate the ground beneath your truck anytime a door is opened or the dome light is activated. Courtesy Lights provide the benefit of added visibility when you’re getting in and out of the truck, especially at night as you’re walking up to it. You can unlock your door using the truck’s key fob, and the ground underneath will immediately be illuminated solid white.

Note: The Running Lights, Turn Signals, and Courtesy Lights features can all be active at the same time.

LEDGlow Guarantee

LEDGlow includes free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

52" Side Marker Kit 70" Side Marker Kit
LED Count 270 LEDs Total (135 LEDs per Strip) 360 LEDs Total (180 LEDs per Strip)
Amber LED Count 180 Amber LEDs (90 LEDs per Strip) 240 Amber LEDs (120 LEDs per Strip)
White LED Count 90 White LEDs (45 LEDs per Strip) 120 White LEDs (60 LEDs per Strip)
Wire Length 9' 9'
Recommended Applications Regular Cab Trucks Extended Cab & Crew Cab Trucks

2pc Side Marker & Courtesy LED Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (2) 52” or 70” Waterproof, Flexible LED Light Strips
  • 9’ of Wire per Strip
  • 12” Ground Wire
  • Butt Splice Connectors
  • Zip Ties
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Adhesion Promoter
3M Adhesion Promoter

Adhesion Promoter provides additional strength by creating a stronger bond between the light strip and mounting location that will last over time, rather than just using the provided double-sided tape. This promoter is available from 3 packets all the way up to 27 packets and not required for installation.

  • Provides Additional Adhesion Strength Between the LED Light & Mounting Location
  • Available from 3, 9, 18, or 27 Promoter Packets

The 2pc Amber LED Truck Running Board Lighting Kit with White Courtesy Lights comes with an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of LEDGlow products.

Download and Print the PDF View Our Help Center