2pc Expandable 7 Color LED Interior Starter Kit

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LEDGlow's 2pc Expandable 7 Color 5050 SMD LED Interior Starter Kit has been updated from its previous version to provide even more powerful and comprehensive lighting. This kit is uniquely designed with (2) 9" multi-colored tubes, with each now featuring (6) upgraded ultra-bright wide-angle 5050 SMD LEDs for an even more powerful lighting experience. These new lights produce a much cleaner and more consistent vibrant color that further enhances the look of your kit. Additional upgrades have also been made to the tubing, including black end caps in replacement of the original blue, and the inclusion of a sleekly designed black PCB Board. With LEDGlow’s expandability option you can also increase the size of your kit with up to (4) more tubes. In addition to these updates, you’ll experience unique lighting effects with the included control box which features (7) solid color illumination modes, fading modes, strobing modes, a sound activation mode and more.

LEDGlow's 2pc Expandable 7 Color Interior Starter Kit is a 2 piece multi-colored expandable tube kit designed to illuminate your vehicle's interior and is packed with an assortment of features. Choose between incredibly dynamic blue, red, green, purple, teal, white and yellow solid color illumination options. There are a variety of mounting possibilities available such as installing the tubes to your foot well, under your seats, or even your dash. Each kit includes a total of (2) 9" tubes with (6) ultra-bright surface mounted 5050 SMD LEDs per tube giving you a total of (12) wide angle 5050 SMD LEDs. Each tube features 5' of power wire allowing you to maximize your mounting options. You can also install an additional (4) 9" or 12" tubes giving you complete control over your interior’s style. The control box features many different patterns such as strobe, fading, and chase effects. You will also have access to the incredibly popular sound activation feature, with a sensitivity wheel that gives you even further customization capability by adjusting your kit’s responsiveness to the sound of the music playing. Additional features include a controller bypass function which allows your kit to be turned on from a switched source such as headlights or an opening door. LEDGlow stands by every kit with a one-year limited warranty and free lifetime tech support.

2pc Expandable 7 Color 5050 SMD LED Interior Starter Kit Includes:

  • (12) Ultra-Bright, Wide-Angle 5050 SMD LEDs
  • (2) 9" Interior Multi-Colored Tubes
  • (1) Easy to Use Control Box
  • (7) Solid Color Modes in Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Teal, White, and Yellow
  • (4) Fading Modes
  • (3) Strobing Modes
  • (1) Distinct Sound Activation Mode
  • 5’ of Power Wire per Tube
  • 4.5’ of Power Wire with 5 Amp Inline Fuse
  • Universal Fit
  • Installation and Operating Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Add On Interior Tubes
Add-On Interior Tubes

Adding additional lighting tubes to your 7 Color LED Interior Kit allows you to expand the interior lighting to areas of your car or truck that you wouldn’t be able to light up with the base kit such as under the seats or in the trunk. Add-on interior tube sizes are available in pairs of 9” tubes that feature 5’ of wire and includes necessary mounting hardware.

  • Expands Interior LED Lighting to Other Areas of Vehicle
  • 9” Tube Pairs with 5’ of Wire
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
6' Wire Extensions
6' Wire Extensions

This 2pc Interior Tube Wire Extensions adds to the wiring of any 7 Color or Single Color Interior Tube and extends it 6’ to reach areas of the vehicle that the wire attached to the tube cannot. This extension hub features a 2-piece screw on design with a rubber gasket lining around the connector allowing for an ultra-tight, water-resistant seal.

  • Extends Interior Tube Wires by 6’ in Length
  • Includes (2) 6’ Wire Extensions
Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter

Using the Cigarette Lighter Adapter is a quick and easy solution to power your interior lighting kit from the cigarette lighter receptacle. This accessory features 3-1/2’ of wiring and also helps you avoid running the kit’s power wires to the vehicle’s battery. Simply crimp the kit’s power and ground wires into the quick-crimp connectors, insert those into the butt-connectors and the adapter into the cigarette lighter port! It’s that easy!

  • Powers Interior Lights Directly from the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle
  • Includes 3-1/2’ of Wiring with Butt-Connectors & Quick-Crimp Connectors
Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse

Using an Expandable Circuit allows you to power your kit from your vehicle’s fuse box without having to cut or splice into your factory wiring. The expandable circuit functions by replacing an existing fuse in the fuse panel to gain power from and then inserting the factory fuse into the open slot on the expandable circuit. The Expandable Circuit features ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 and Micro3 fuse sizes, while also including a 4 amp fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 includes 5 amp fuse) for circuit protection.

  • Powers Lights from Fuse Box
  • Expandable Circuit Sizes: ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 & Micro3
  • Includes 4 Amp Fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 Includes 5 Amp Fuse)

The 2pc Expandable 7 Color LED Interior Starter Kit comes with an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of LEDGlow products.

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23 Reviews
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  • Great quality

    Posted by Peter Grofik on Sep 20, 2017

    Great quality and fast Shipping

  • Good product, even better customer service

    Posted by Ali on May 23, 2017

    I got my items delivered on time and packaged professionally. Great and easy install (and I have absolutely 0 experience). I used this Youtube guides and it couldn't be simpler. I ordered the "add a circuit" separately from Amazon but otherwise 10/10 for the product. After the install, I couldn't get the device's auto-on feature switched off so I contacted customer service when Andrew L and "Ran" replied the very next day and helped me through the process (which took too long because of my stupidity). They were as professional and courteous as they come and their customer service is unbeatable. Sure, you'll find cheaper products elsewhere but I would definitely recommend LEDGlow because of their great product and even better customer service.

  • They broke in 2 days

    Posted by Roger on Mar 13, 2017

    I was riding down the road and then all of a sudden they turn off and never turn back on. I changed everything. And checked my ground still didn't turn back on

  • Loved them!

    Posted by Alex on Dec 28, 2016

    Loved them so much I ordered another kit!