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4pc Million Color Home Theater LED Lighting Kit

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LEDGlow's Million Color Home Theater LED Lighting Kit features (2) 9" and (2) 15" multi-colored LED tubes giving your home theater system a soft, yet colorful ambient light for the ultimate viewing experience.

LEDGlow’s Million Color Home Theater LED Lighting Kit will be the envy of all your visitors as it adds a custom, multi-color ambient light that surrounds your home theater system that is second to none. This multi-color home accent lighting kit utilizes ultra-bright, surface mounted RGB LED technology which allows for a vibrant and wide angle, spotless glow that adds a colorful personality to your home theater set up. Every home theater kit includes (2) 15" and (2) 9" light tubes that feature (4) 5' power cables with modular connectors, an easy to hide control box and a wireless remote with receiver that controls all of the kit’s lighting effects.

The control box offers amazing lighting modes that are easily selected from the wireless remote including a solid color scan mode that can be used to create any color, a fade mode, a sound activation mode, as well as customizable brightness levels. The primary color cycle mode fades through eight preset options that include blue, green, red, pink, purple, yellow, aqua and white; while the million color fade mode slowly cycles through the color spectrum allowing you to pause and save eight of your favorite custom colors. The remote functions also included are speed adjustments, memory and sleep functions that add even further customization options to this already versatile home theater light kit. This home theater LED lighting kit is powered by a 120 volt power supply that plugs into any standard two prong outlet and comes included with all installation hardware and instructions, a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

4pc Home Theater Light Kit Includes:

  • 30 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • (2) 15" & (2) 9" SMD LED Light Tubes
  • (1) Control Box
  • (1) Wireless Remote
  • Control Box Features: Color Adjustment Scan, Fade, Brightness & Sound Activation Modes
  • 8 Primary Colors Include: Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Aqua & White
  • 8 Programmable Custom Presets
  • Other Customizable Functions: Play/Pause, Speed Adjustments, Memory & Sleep Functions
  • (1) IR Receiver
  • (3) 5' Power Cables with Dual Modular Connectors
  • (1) 5' Power Cable Features USB Connector for Control Box
  • 120 Volt Power Supply
  • (8) Mounting Brackets
  • (11) 3M Tape Pads
  • (16) Screws
  • (4) Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Mounting Hardware and Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Home Theater Add-On Tubes
Home Theater Add-On Tubes

If you have a 40” or larger television, you may want to consider adding more lighting tubes to your set up to cover the entire backside of the TV. Add-On Tubes are available in tube pairs of 9” (for 40”-46” TVs), 15” (for 46”-50” TVs) and 24” (for 55”+ TVs) for any size television. These tubes daisy chain to the others and includes mounting hardware.

  • Provides Additional Lighting to Back of Televisions 40” or Larger
  • 2pc 9” Tubes - For 40” - 46” TVs
  • 2pc 15” Tubes - For 46” - 50” TVs
  • 2pc 24” Tubes - For 55”+ TVs
  • Includes Brackets & Mounting Hardware
Home Theater Add-On Corner Kit
  • Home Theater Add-On Corner Kit
  • Home Theater Add-On Corner Kit

This Add-On Corner Lights Kit fills in the corner gaps of lighting behind your TV that the base kit can’t reach. This corner add-on lighting kit features (4) 3” x 3” 90° light tubes and includes brackets and mounting hardware.

  • Fills In Corner Gaps of Lighting Behind Television
  • 24 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • (4) 3” x 3” 90° SMD LED Light Tubes
  • (4) 2' Power Cables with Modular Connectors
  • Includes Brackets & Mounting Hardware
LED Home Theater Accent Lights - Lighting Behind TV 05:16

LED Home Theater Accent Lights - Lighting Behind TV

LEDGlow | LED TV Backlighting Install

Product Reviews

  1. Email me in 4 weeks..

    I am traveling and will not know until I get back home to install in about Feb 14th.

    Posted by on
  2. Pretty good

    Saw this on youtube, thought they looked cool.. I bought them late last spring (May 2014) and installed to my TV, I agree with previous reviewers that the Tape is no good, I used tape from my work - much better..
    My Only big complaint with the product is that it reacts to my A/V Receiver's remote control functions, (also sometimes the DVD player or even the CFL lights in the room will flicker enough when turning on that they turn the LED's on then too!!!) so when I change volume or mute the lights will turn on or off, or change colours.. I have tried to hide the IR Eye,but this didn't help much, just made it harder to control when I want to..
    I am happy with the lights themselves, but the control functions are annoying.. I notice that the pictures above show a different remote control than I have, so maybe things have been updated to a better model..

    Posted by on
  3. Awesome product

    I bought this a while back for myself. Great product, at such a great price. I didn't exactly use the light for a TV but to brighten up a desk in my home. It look sweet with the fade mode on. I also got one for my uncle and he loves it. I recently bought one as a Christmas gift for my brother in law and he was so exited because he has seen how the lights work on my uncles TV. This is such a great product that I would definitely recommend you buying it, you wont be disappointed. My desk looks more awesome now. If only there is a way to share a picture on the things that you can do with this product instead of limiting to the TV. If only there was a spot to upload pictures. "hint hint" :)

    Posted by on
  4. Awesome

    I have had these lights for almost 2 weeks now and I love them. Bright lights, excellent color changing response to sound. And the remote control works great. My only complaint would be the 3M sticky pads that are supposed to hold the mounting bracket to the TV. I would recommend buying a double sided tape or foam pad from Walmart before you get the lights. Neither side sticks and it's next to impossible to remove the protective plastic without tearing the pad apart. It would be nice to have the colors change to sound starting from a blue or green rather than only starting from red. Although this isn't really too bad because there is the ability to choose a single color for sound activation that can be set to any color and then go from extremely dim to very bright.

    I love this set of lights and will be buying more in the future for various projects.

    Posted by on
  5. Reacts to other devices IR signal..

    I have a set on back of my TV, they look amazing..
    One annoyance is that they react to my MUTE and VOLUME +/- of my Toshiba Receiver from my Harmony One eemote they also react to commands to my pos Seiki BluRay.. the IR eeceiver is mhidden but it still picks up the signal bouncing off the walls.. its my only beef with this product..

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow Million Color TV Home Theater LED Lighting Kit - 4pc Kit (2) 9" & (2) 15" LED Light Tubes - Includes Control Box, Receiver & Wireless Remote

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