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4pc Red LED Car Interior Lights

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LEDGlow's 4pc Red LED Interior Kit features (4) 9” tubes with 18 ultra-bright LEDs per tube, multiple unique solid red lighting effects, sound activation feature and an easy to use control box.

LEDGlow’s 4pc Red Interior Lighting Kit features multiple lighting effects, and will instantly add a custom lighting style to your vehicle’s interior at an affordable price. Our LED interior lights feature a total of 72 ultra-bright, wide angle red LEDs housed in (4) 9" tubes. Each interior LED tube features 5' of power wire and can be easily mounted under your seats, dashboard, or foot wells using the included zip ties and/or mounting screws. The easy to use control box offers multiple solid color modes, 3 strobing modes, 3 fading modes, 1 scan mode, as well as 1 sound activation mode. The included sound activation mode allows this red LED interior lighting kit to react to the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle with a built in microphone, and the sensitivity is easily adjusted with a wheel that is located on the side of the control box.

Out of the box, with 4.5’ of power wire and a pre-wired 5 amp inline fuse, this kit can be powered directly from the vehicle’s battery. For simpler installation that doesn’t require the splicing of wire or access to the battery, other power options are available. LEDGlow's Expandable Circuit will power any lighting kit directly from the fuse box. The Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter will easily power any LED light kit directly from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle.

As long as a 12 volt source of power is available into which the kit can be wired, additional power options are available, allowing for extreme customization in any vehicle. Using the auto illumination bypass mode, this kit can be set to illuminate when a door is opened, when the headlights are turned on, or when the ignition is engaged.

LEDGlow stands by every one of its products with a one-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

4pc Red LED Interior Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (72) Ultra Bright, 5mm Wide-Angle LEDs
  • (4) 9” Interior Tubes
  • (1) Easy to Use Control Box
  • (8) Solid Illumination Modes with Various Brightness Levels
  • (3) Fading Modes
  • (3) Strobing Modes
  • (2) Scan Mode
  • (1) Distinct Sound Activation Mode
  • 5’ of Power Wire per Tube
  • 4.5’ of Power Wire with 5 Amp Inline Fuse
  • (8) Mounting Screws
  • (8) Zip Ties
  • Universal Fit
  • Installation and Operating Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter

Using the Cigarette Lighter Adapter is a quick and easy solution to power your interior lighting kit from the cigarette lighter receptacle. This accessory features 3-1/2’ of wiring and also helps you avoid running the kit’s power wires to the vehicle’s battery. Simply crimp the kit’s power and ground wires into the quick-crimp connectors, insert those into the butt-connectors and the adapter into the cigarette lighter port! It’s that easy!

  • Powers Interior Lights Directly from the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle
  • Includes 3-1/2’ of Wiring with Butt-Connectors & Quick-Crimp Connectors
Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse

Using an Expandable Circuit allows you to power your kit from your vehicle’s fuse box without having to cut or splice into your factory wiring. The expandable circuit functions by replacing an existing fuse in the fuse panel to gain power from and then inserting the factory fuse into the open slot on the expandable circuit. The Expandable Circuit features ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 and Micro3 fuse sizes, while also including a 4 amp fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 includes 5 amp fuse) for circuit protection.

  • Powers Lights from Fuse Box
  • Expandable Circuit Sizes: ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 & Micro3
  • Includes 4 Amp Fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 Includes 5 Amp Fuse)
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LEDGlow's 4pc Red LED Interior Lighting Kit

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Product Reviews

  1. Bada** lights

    I just got these light today as soon as i got them. i just had to put them in. they look so cool im glad i bought them. they are a great price too

    Posted by on
  2. the lights do work and they work well.

    I've had the Red LED 4pc. lights in my ride for about 9 months and they still work. they're not as bright as i hoped they would be, but it might only be because i have a dark interior and where i placed the lights. but they are worth every penny. a definitely good buy.

    Posted by on
  3. great buy

    These lights are brighter then i thought and work very well. The wire alittle short if you want to put some in the back i just doubled up in the front. But they look great in my mustang

    Posted by on
  4. very good

    i have this in my scion xb i love them so much it looks great ilike how they flash i recamend this pack to any1 tht loves to light up the car frm the inside out

    Posted by on
  5. GREAT

    very bright, great eye catcher, awsome deal for the price, i highly recomend these

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow Red Interior LED Lighting Kit for Cars & Trucks - 4pc Red Footwell Underdash Accent Lights with Music Mode & Control Box - Universal Fitment

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