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Advanced Million Color SMD LED Motorcycle Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

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LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color SMD Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control is the next generation of motorcycle LED lighting by offering total LED control directly from the palm of your hand.

LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color SMD Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control is the next generation of motorcycle LED lighting by offering total LED control directly from the palm of your hand. This motorcycle LED lighting kit features ultra-bright surface mounted RGB LED technology which produces extremely bright colors for a custom style plus added visibility when riding at night. The Advanced Million Color SMD Lighting Kit is available in a 6pc base kit all the way up to a 30pc kit. Each motorcycle LED light strip features 4' of power wiring.

The included Bluetooth control box is the most powerful on the market by allowing users to install up to 1,000 SMD LEDs for maximum brightness regardless of the size of the motorcycle. Download and install the LEDGlow Mobile Control App to customize the look and style of any motorcycle with a few swipes of an iOS or Android device.

Waterproof Construction

Each control box is filled with a black epoxy potting material which encapsulates all the controls and circuit boards, making the control box completely waterproof. This control box will easily hold up to a ride in the rain and any other moisture exposure.

LEDGlow Motorcycle Control App

The LEDGlow Motorcycle Control App allows full control of the featured colors and lighting patterns directly from an iOS (7.0 & up) or Android device (4.4 & up). Select virtually any solid color via the integrated color wheel and choose from 15 unique lighting patterns from the mode dropdown menu. Save up to 5 favorite customized colors and patterns for quick and easy recall using the in-app presets. With a few swipes of the sliders, adjust the brightness levels and speed intensity of the lighting patterns.

Dual Zone Control

The dual zone control feature allows even further color and lighting pattern customization by independently illuminating 2 sections of the motorcycle simultaneously. Each zone has the ability to power 500 SMD LEDs for maximum brightness. With an unlimited color selection and 10 unique lighting patterns, creative lighting options are truly endless. An additional 6pc power harness is included to utilize this feature.

Automatic Brake Lights

The automatic brake light feature illuminates all installed LEDs in red mirroring the motorcycle’s brake lights, safely signaling other motorists on the road. Pull the brake handle and the brake light feature automatically illuminates red LEDs throughout the bike. This feature can be used whether the control box is powered on or off. There are 2 different types of brake light features available in the app: brake light and brake pulse. Brake light illuminates all LEDs in solid red; brake pulse automatically strobes red LEDs into a solid color mode. To use this function, install the blue wire from the control box into the motorcycle’s brake signal wires.

Hazard Lights

The hazard lights feature automatically overrides any color or pattern and flashes amber LEDs alerting other motorists on the road.

Low Voltage Shut Off

The app features a first-of-its-kind low voltage shut off setting that helps conserve the life of the motorcycle’s battery. This feature automatically shuts the light kit off when the motorcycle’s battery voltage reads less than 10 volts for more than 60 seconds.

Wireless Remote Function

The 2 included wireless remotes are also included as an alternate control option. The wireless remote features 4 buttons that select color options, lighting patterns, brightness/speed levels and dual zone control. The operating range of the wireless remote is 30’.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE Connectivity

Easily pair any compatible iOS or Android smartphone to the control box through a secure, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy connection. Using Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology greatly reduces power consumption while maintaining a secure point-to-point communication range. Bluetooth technology also allows for a quick and easy automatic connection whenever the device is in range of the control box without having to re-pair the device to the control box.

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LEDGlow | Motorcycle LED Lights With Smartphone Control

Product Reviews

  1. Head Turner

    Easy install and looks fantastic.
    Gets great attention and people love it.

    Posted by on
  2. Works well, looks great!!

    I did some research prior to purchasing this LED system. I am very satisfied with the system and ease of use. I have a 2018 Harley Low Rider. I REALLY like the brake light feature! When I apply the brakes , my whole bike is bathed in red! Much more visible than just a tail light. Unfortunately I cant enable the flashing feature for the brake light because Ohio wont allow it.
    My only gripe is that it would be nice if they would include the T-splice for the brake wire so you dont have to purchase a whole package which contains more than you need.
    I had a question about voltage requirements and the response I got was fast and helpful.
    Lights are very bright. I highly recommend these lights.

    Posted by on
  3. Best Lights Ever

    Always fast shipping & Great service. Excellent Product!

    Posted by on
  4. My LED glow project

    I have been wanting to put lights on my custom Harley-Davidson for 2 years. Being an out-of-work cancer patient makes my ability to do these things difficult at best. When I saw the sale I could not resist So I placed an order. My order came in a timely fashion it was totally plug-and play Led sent the link for the app literally had my phone hooked up to my LED glow in 2 minutes. Did some pretty neat stuff with the lights themselves. Fabricated some custom brackets in order to get the lights in places I wanted them to be. I am astatic with the results as well as with the product very easy to use. I highly recommend LED glow. So far the product has exceeded my expectations. In closing let me add I'm not that easy to satisfy with these types of projects

    Posted by on
  5. Took first place in bike show.

    Review#2 spent the past 3 days at a huge bike rally. Took 1st place in the bike show. Judges and fans said it was the LEDGLOW lights and custom bike...1st thing to note,this light kit is so easy to install and set up. 2nd thing to note, these lights are the brightest on the marked. Other bikes with led lights didn't come close to being as bright as LEDGLOW lights. Ordering another set for my wifes Harley,shes jelous. Great job guys with this product. Wish i could send you a video,it would blow your mind.

    Posted by on

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