Two Kits, One Control Box!

The ability to power your Million Color Underbody and Wheel Well Lighting Kit together is finally here! LEDGlow’s Million Color Underbody and Wheel Well Junction Cable allows you to add four of LEDGlow’s Million Color Wheel Well tubes to your Million Color Underbody with Smartp […]

Ride in Style with LEDGlow's Million Color Golf Cart Lights

Golf carts can be great for a variety of transportation uses. In the past you may have only found golf carts on the green, but as of late golf carts are being used as utility vehicles for a variety of different uses. Nowadays you may spot golf carts being used by locals for tra […]

Increase your Truck’s Style and Visibility on the Road

Looking to add a little extra visibility to your truck? LEDGlow’s 2pc Side Marker & Courtesy LED Lighting Kit is the perfect addition to make your truck stand out on the road by enhancing illumination and safety. The versatility of this kit allows you to choose between adding r […]