CHECK OUT THE UPDATES | 4pc Red SMD LED Car Interior Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 14, 2020

We did a revamp of the 4pc Red SMD LED Interior Light Kit recently to tweak some of the features and maximize the impact of this kit. I’ll be the first to admit we’re a bit on the perfectionist side, so if there’s anything we can do to further enhance your LED lighting experience we’re gonna make it happen.

You can find out everything you need to know about our 4pc Red SMD LED Car Interior Lights right here.

For starters, the new upgrades to these car interior LED lights include the switch from standard LEDs to 3528 SMD LEDs. There are (4) 9” tubes that come with this kit: Each tube now has 18 SMD LEDs, so you’re looking at a total of 72 solid red 3528 SMD LEDs.

Another sweet update is the addition of a Pre-Attached Cigarette Lighter Adapter with 10’ of wire. Doesn’t get much easier powering up this kit since all you have to do is pop this in the cigarette lighter port and you’re ready to go. With the extended wire length you won’t have any trouble running it to the location of the provided control box either.

We also made some mods to the actual tubes, with a switch to Black Housing and Black End Caps. Gives the tubes an improved look and feel and also reinforces their integrity. So wherever you decide to install them in your car, you’ll know they’re secure and will emit that ultra-bright red glow you’re looking for out of your LED interior lights.

We have a pretty good feeling you’ll approve of these updates to our 4pc Red SMD LED Car Interior Lights. Our No. 1 Priority will always be giving you leading-edge LED lighting kits that reenergize the driving experience of any car, truck, motorcycle and other kinds of vehicles.