New Product Alert | 7 Color to Million Color Slimline SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit

Posted by Matt P. on Aug 25, 2020

We just rebranded our extremely popular Slimline SMD LED Underbody Kits for cars and trucks with solid upgrades that are taking a unique and innovative LED underglow kit to the next level.

Slimline Kits are defined by the fact that they have thinner LED tubes which are only 5/8” in diameter. This design makes them extremely easy to install and conceal while still emanating a spotless glow. Add a control box, wireless remote and a bunch of eye-grabbing lighting effects and you’ll have the unparalleled lighting experience that comes with the Slimline LED Underglow Light Kit.

The first key difference is that we’ve gone from 7 colors to a million. With our Million Color feature you have access to 10 solid color modes plus an almost-unlimited number of variations in the shading of each of those solid colors. Every color is sharply defined through the ultra-bright LED illumination.

The other major change is that this kit has brand-new tubes and connectors. The tube diameter’s the same, with power wires on both ends of each individual tube plus the upgraded connectors. This is a better design which is even sturdier and extremely waterproof. You can daisy-chain one tube to the next with these reinforced connections that ensure all of the tubes are evenly powered.

When it’s time to add custom illumination to your car or truck, check out our Slimline Underglow LED Lights and see for yourself why they go over so well with our customers. You’ll have the chance to experience these new features which make a great LED underbody light kit stand out even more.