Our First Ever Dirt Bike Light Kit!

Posted by Paul on Apr 19, 2018

Own a dirt bike? You’re in luck! With LEDGlow’s new Advanced Million Color Mini SMD LED Dirt Bike Lighting Kit, you can put lights on that dirt bike just like any other motorized vehicle with two wheels you’ve seen out on the street.

This kit is fully waterproof and comes in 6pc, 8pc, 10pc, 12pc, 14pc, 16pc, 18pc, and 20pc kit sizes. All include our 4” flexible mini motorcycle strips with SMD LEDs, providing you with all of the freedom you need to position your lights however you want on your dirt bike. Our waterproof control box and light strips will hold up to whatever punishment you can dish out on the track or out on the trails this weekend. The control box is very compact measuring a mere 1-5/8” in diameter and 5/8” in height, making it very concealable on your bike. This control box provides 15 solid color modes, 2 color cycle modes, 3 flash modes and 1 fading mode.

LEDGlow Dirt Bike Kit

The included remote allows you to control the lights on your dirt bike. But this kit is compatible with LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color Control Box with Smartphone Control, instantly providing the dirt bike light kit with access to LEDGlow’s Motorcycle Control App which is compatible with both iOS and Android. This not only allows you to control the lights via Bluetooth from your smartphone, but gives you access to far more lighting options and additional features including:

  • Dual Zone Control
  • Automatic Brake Lights
  • Hazard Lights
  • Low Voltage Shut Off

Much like the control box included with the kit, the optional Smartphone Control box is also waterproof, so don’t worry about getting it muddy or wet when you’re out on the trails.

These LED lights will give your dirt bike a look like no other, and it will make you that much more visible when you’re out for a ride. You won’t be missed in the dark with these lights turned on. Other riders will know exactly where you are at all times. And races on the dirt track will take on a whole new vibe when these lights are turned on.

Any dirt bike will look amazing with these lights installed, but your bike needs to have a 12 volt battery installed for the dirt bike led light kit to work. Please make sure your dirt bike has a 12 volt battery before attempting to install this kit.