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Blue Expandable SMD LED Interior Lights

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LEDGlow's Blue SMD Interior Lighting Kit features 48 ultra-bright blue SMD LEDs housed in (4) 12" tubes that add a custom style to the interior of any vehicle!

LEDGlow’s Blue SMD Interior Lighting Kit universally fits 48 surface mounted (SMD) LEDs to the interior of any car or truck for a custom, one of a kind look! This blue interior lighting kit features (4) 12” flexible tubes that are easily installed using improved automotive grade modular connectors that daisy chain each interior tube to the next. Each interior tube features 12 SMD LEDs that add an ultra-bright blue accent glow to the footwells and underneath the seats.

This Blue SMD Interior Lighting Kit features a slim control box that includes 14 unique lighting patterns, 4 sound activation modes, 5 brightness levels and 5 speed levels that are easily selected using the included wireless remote or by pressing the 4 buttons located on the control box. Lighting patterns include a strobing, scanning, fading and 4 different sound activation modes that will react to the music playing inside of your car! Customize each lighting pattern by adjusting the speed and/or brightness levels to your preference.

Out of the box, with 4.5’ of power wire and a pre-wired 5 amp inline fuse, this kit can be powered directly from the vehicle’s battery. For a simpler installation that doesn’t require the splicing of wire or access to the battery, other power options are available. LEDGlow’s Expandable Circuit will power any lighting kit directly from the fuse box. The Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter will easily power any LED light kit directly from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle.

As long as a 12 volt power source is available into which the kit can be wired, additional power options are available, allowing for extreme customization in any vehicle. Using the auto illumination bypass mode, this kit can be set to illuminate when a door is opened, when the headlights are turned on, or when the ignition is engaged.

LEDGlow stands by every one of its products with a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Blue SMD Interior Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (48) Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • (4) 12” Flexible Tubes
  • (1) Control Box
  • (1) Wireless Remote
  • 14 Unique Lighting Patterns Include Strobing, Scanning & Fading
  • 4 Sound Activation Modes
  • (2) 5’ Lead Tube Cables
  • (1) 5’ Linking Cable
  • (2) 9’ Linking Cables
  • 4.5’ of Power Wire
  • 3M Tape
  • (10) Zip Ties
  • (2) Tube End Caps
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter
  • Cigaretter Lighter Power Adapter

Using the Cigarette Lighter Adapter is a quick and easy solution to power your interior lighting kit from the cigarette lighter receptacle. This accessory features 3-1/2’ of wiring and also helps you avoid running the kit’s power wires to the vehicle’s battery. Simply crimp the kit’s power and ground wires into the quick-crimp connectors, insert those into the butt-connectors and the adapter into the cigarette lighter port! It’s that easy!

  • Powers Interior Lights Directly from the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle
  • Includes 3-1/2’ of Wiring with Butt-Connectors & Quick-Crimp Connectors
Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse
  • Expandable Circuit & Fuse

Using an Expandable Circuit allows you to power your kit from your vehicle’s fuse box without having to cut or splice into your factory wiring. The expandable circuit functions by replacing an existing fuse in the fuse panel to gain power from and then inserting the factory fuse into the open slot on the expandable circuit. The Expandable Circuit features ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 and Micro3 fuse sizes, while also including a 4 amp fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 includes 5 amp fuse) for circuit protection.

  • Powers Lights from Fuse Box
  • Expandable Circuit Sizes: ATO (ATC), Mini, Low Profile Mini, Micro2 & Micro3
  • Includes 4 Amp Fuse (Micro2 & Micro3 Includes 5 Amp Fuse)
LEDGlow | How To Install Interior LED Lights 04:24

LEDGlow | How To Install Interior LED Lights

LEDGlow | Expandable Circuit

Product Reviews

  1. Sweet lights

    Easy install and daisy chain makes it darn near impossible to f up

    Posted by on
  2. Sporting

    LED Interior lighting system is great for exactly what I wanted. Easy to install, interior looks look amazing, & friends dig it.

    Con : no option to order dual source ( 2 input wires) for use of left or right side of car & make sure you have what you need because didnt find on website how to order more cables for add-on later.

    Posted by on
  3. Good

    Good bright lights my only complaint is that the adhesive isn't very good and they fall down

    Posted by on
  4. Awesome

    I installed the Blue SMD Interior Lighting Kit in under 60 minutes upon delivery in my 2016 F-150 XL Super Cab. The lights have given my interior an awesome look. I would highly recommend these!!!

    Posted by on
  5. This is a must to impress friends

    I bought this for my 2005 mazda6 and it is so cool! During the day you can't see it too well but at night it is the perfect amount of light. It's really bright. And you can adjust the amount of light. It was a little tricky finding a place to zip tie them to. It took a good 2 hours. The charger outlet is not the best. It's a tad sensitive to movement. But still a great product! You don't need some expensive wire cutter tool. You just need a knife and some pliers. If you don't know weather to do it I would say go for it. :) thanks led glow!!

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow Blue Interior LED Lighting Kit for Cars & Trucks - 4pc Blue Footwell Underdash Accent Lights with Music Mode, Wireless Remote & Expandable

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