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Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

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LEDGlow’s Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control is designed to integrate with your existing Android or iOS device giving you control of your underbody lights, interior lights and wheel well lights at your fingertips.

What’s Included
The new LEDGlow Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control comes with (2) 36” and (2) 46” underbody tubes for a total of 84 ultra-bright, wide-angle RGB LEDs. You will also receive our water-resistant control box and an underbody distributor cable. You’ll find a 4 Button Wireless Remote which not only powers the kit on or off, but also allows you to change the speed, color, and modes used through the LEDGlow Automotive Control app.

Control Box
The control box included with this kit features a unique design that is water-resistant, along with a waterproof fuse. This Bluetooth-enabled control box integrates seamlessly with the LEDGlow Automotive Control app. This control box features 3 ports that can power on the underbody, optional wheel well add-on, and optional interior add-on tubes. The control box installs to the engine bay and features a Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip that allows you to connect your smartphone device.

Automotive Control App
Our LEDGlow Automotive Control App provides you with unsurpassed lighting customization options for your vehicle. The Million Color feature showcases nearly every color conceivable to the undercarriage of your vehicle, along with the wheel well and interior add-on sections, if purchased. The integrated color wheel allows you to select any solid color, which can be combined with one out of sixteen highly unique modes to create the lighting effect you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t stop there: you can even add a fade or strobe effect to your underbody, wheel well, or interior lighting sections. You can save 5 customized presets so you can quickly power on your favorite settings. The app is compatible with KitKat 4.4 and up and iOS 9.1 and up. Download the LEDGlow Automotive Control App via the App Store or the Google Play Store by clicking the links below.

Add-On Options
One of the many ways you can add further customization to your kit is with our add-on tube options. Users can choose to add a 24” grille light to enhance front end lighting, (4) 24”wheel well lights or (4) wheel ring lights to illuminate the wheels and rims, up to (10) 15” interior tubes to add lighting to the footwells or under the seats, or even in the engine bay to showcase the work you've done under the hood! The add-on display module enables users to see the colors and patterns active on your underbody kit and even allows customization directly from the unit. The immensely popular music mode is also included with the display module.

Courtesy Lights
Another new feature that can be found in the LEDGlow Automotive Control App is the Courtesy Lights option. Having the courtesy lights turned on will shift all of your underbody, wheel well, and interior lights to a solid white whenever a car door is opened. This feature is available once you install your kit with the white wire connected to the dome light trigger.

Low Voltage Shut Off
An exciting new feature that is included in our LEDGlow Automotive Control App is the Low Voltage Shut Off, which cuts the power to the kit if the vehicle’s battery voltage drops under 10 volts for one minute.

4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
Easily pair your iOS or Android smartphone device to the control box through a secure Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Connection. Using Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology greatly reduces the power consumption, while maintaining a secure point-to-point communication range. Bluetooth technology also allows for a quick and easy automatic connection whenever the device is in range of the control box without having to re-pair the device to the control box.

LEDGlow | Smartphone Controlled Million Color Underbody Lighting Kit 01:07

LEDGlow | Smartphone Controlled Million Color Underbody Lighting Kit

LEDGlow | How To Install Million Color Underbody Lights With Smartphone Control

Product Reviews

  1. Pretty cool kit

    Cool product, I like the ability to change the colors and make system do different things. Only issue I had I already sent back the control box, it wasn't staying connected to the phone app. Luckily the customer service is great and they are currently looking at control box to see what may be wrong. This kit on your car will for sure turn heads going down the road!

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  2. Awesome Options!

    The LEDGlow underbody kit is very cool because of the bluetooth integration presenting numerous options. Pattern and color control makes it very easy for you to give your car the look you desire, and there's even an option to have the lights turn on when your cars' courtesy lights turn on.

    The range of the bluetooth is pretty much as expected. I have to be pretty close to my car for the signal to pickup, and I have a new phone, but that's just fine with me. The wireless remote also presents ease of use and the range is a little less than the bluetooth range. \

    The colors are bright and attractive, making this an excellent product!

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  3. Not Waterproof. Need to run all the wires back into the cabin for a safe job.

    - Cost and Value
    - Million colors to choose
    - Comes with all hardware needed
    - Foolproof wiring connections (all you need is power and ground)
    - Good support
    - Interior lights / Wheel well can be linked in the app to the underbody so you can control all of the sections either independently or together at once. Very smart!
    - Wheel well lights are flexible and bright

    - Not waterproof. The boxes they supply do not have weatherpack style connectors, and are not sealed. I do not recommend running the connections and junction boxes outside the vehicle.

    - Wiring mess. Because the distribution blocks are not waterproof and require running all the wires inside, it's a friggin mess under my dash with coiled up looms everywhere.

    - The module has no memory. Everytime I customize my settings, the phone app always turns the system back on with default million color settings.

    - The underhood lights have super short leads, which required me to buy a bunch of extensions. They are black boxes that unscrew, have a weatherproof seal around the edge, and you plug in the connector into them. Problem is, you have a big box to try and hide in the engine bay for each connection now. Not ideal

    - There's no tab to control the underhood lights independently like you can for the wheel well and interior lighting

    In the end for the price and features you can't beat it. However it does need some improvement. I wouldn't mind paying an extra $50-$100 or so for longer leads and weatherproof connections and module retaining memory out of the box

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  4. Exactly what you want!!!

    The install wasn't difficult, the lights and all parts came as shown in picture and in description ON TIME, and the lights look exactly how you'd expect and the app works flawlessly. This is how products should be made and business should be done.

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  5. The Best Product For Your Buck!!!

    Just installed the Lights on my car today and I have to say that it was well worth the money. It was very easy to install and the options and the accessibility I have within the app on my smartphone is amazing. The colors you can make and the patterns you can choose from is out of this world! The light are super bright and will catch the attention of anybody that crosses your path. So if your looking for a LEDGLOW light set up for your vehicle I would highly recommend this one!!

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LEDGlow Bluetooth Million Color Underglow LED Lighting Kit for Cars - 4pc Multi Color Underbody Lights with Smartphone App Control & Wireless Remote

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