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  • LEDGlow 6pc Million Color SMD LED Truck Underbody Light Kit with Smartphone Control
  • Smartphone Million Color Truck Underglow Light Kit - Bluetooth Connection
  • Overhead View of Truck with Underbody, Add-On Wheel Well & Add-On Interior Tubes
  • Add-On 24" Grille Light
  • Smartphone Million Color SMD LED Truck Underbody Lighting Kit
  • LEDGlow Automotive Control App Features
  • LEDGlow Automotive Control App Compatibility with iOS 9.1 & Up and Android KitKat 4.4 & Up
  • Control Box Powers Underbody, Wheel Well & Interior Tubes
  • Million Color SMD LED Truck Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control Unboxed

Million Color SMD LED Truck Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control

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LEDGlow’s 6pc Million Color SMD LED Truck Underbody Light Kit with Smartphone Control adds ultra-bright multi-color LED lighting to the undercarriage of any truck, while allowing for complete customization directly from your smartphone device.

Customize Your Truck with a Few Swipes
LEDGlow’s Million Color Truck Underbody Light Kit with Smartphone Control universally adds ultra-bright, multi-color RGB LED lighting to the undercarriage of any truck, while allowing you to completely customize the look of your truck conveniently from your smartphone device.

What’s Included
This 6pc underbody lighting kit fits perfectly on any extended cab or crew cab truck by featuring (2) 46”, (2) 36” and (2) 24” tubes that house 276 surface mounted 5050 LEDs. The control box allows you to seamlessly connect your iOS or Android smartphone device through a secure, Bluetooth connection. This underglow light kit also includes a wireless remote as an alternate control option, underbody tube distributor cable, mounting brackets, screws, zip-ties and a step-by-step installation guide.

Control Box
The included control box features a unique, water-resistant design that is branded with the LEDGlow logo across the top. This control box features 3 ports that powers underbody, optional wheel well add-on, and optional interior add-on tubes from one control box. The control box installs to the engine bay and features a 4.0 Bluetooth LE chip that allows you to connect your smartphone device to.

Automotive Control App
The LEDGlow Automotive Control App allows you to select solid colors and lighting modes directly from the palm your hand with any iOS (9.1 and up) or Android (KitKat 4.4 and up) smartphone device. This app allows you to control the underbody lights, as well as optional wheel well and interior lights add-on tubes from each section’s tab at the top of the app screen. Users can link all 3 sections of the truck to match the glow or create a personalized color scheme by independently controlling each section of light with its own color and/or mode. Choose from virtually any solid color via the color wheel and 16 unique lighting modes from the mode menu above the 5 customizable presets. Turning the Million Color mode on automatically cycles through every primary solid color to any of the 16 modes chosen. Quickly toggle any light mode to add either a strobe or fade effect to further enhance the pattern being displayed. Users can also fine tune the brightness and speed of each color/mode with a few simple swipes of the brightness and speed slider. Download the LEDGlow Automotive Control App via the App Store or the Google Play Store by clicking the links below.

Add-On Options
This truck underglow light kit has the ability to add even more LED lighting to it. Users can choose to add a 24” grille light to enhance the truck's front end lighting, 4pc wheel well lights to illuminate the wheels and rims, or even up to (6) 15” interior tubes to add lighting to the footwells or under the seats.

Courtesy Lights
The control box features a white wire that connects to the dome light wire, allowing you to enable the courtesy lights mode. This mode automatically overrides any color or pattern with a solid white color, providing more visibility when getting in and out of the truck. The courtesy lights will only function whenever a door is opened or when the dome light is engaged.

Low Voltage Shut Off
The app features a low voltage shut off setting that helps conserve the life of the truck’s battery. This feature automatically cuts power to the kit when the battery voltage reads less than 10 volts for more than 60 seconds.

4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy Technology
Easily pair your iOS or Android smartphone device to the control box through a secure, 4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy Connection. Using 4.0 BLE technology greatly reduces the power consumption, while maintaining a secure point-to-point communication range. Bluetooth technology also allows for a quick and easy automatic connection whenever the device is in range of the control box without having to re-pair the device to the control box.

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