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  • 4pc Million Color Wireless SMD Underbody Lighting Tubes, Control Box, Wireless Remote, Junction Cable, Music Sensor & Installation Accessories
  • LEDGlow 4pc Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lights
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  • Million Color Wireless SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit What's Included
  • Wireless Million Color Underbody LED Lights

Million Color Wireless SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit

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LEDGlow's Million Color Wireless Underbody Lighting kit features (4) multi-colored LED tubes and 18 unique lighting effects using 18 dazzling colors all designed to illuminate your vehicle with style.

LEDGlow's Million Color LED Underbody Kit features 18 different solid color options and includes a wide variety of lighting effects and speed modes that will give any vehicle a truly custom, one of a kind look.

LEDGlow's Million Color LED Underbody Kit features 378 ultra-bright, wide-angle LEDs housed in (2) 36" and (2) 46" high impact, water resistant acrylic tubes. The included control box features 18 solid color modes, 12 flash patterns, 5 sound activated modes, 5 speed modes and an auto loop mode that will cycle through all of the solid colors. A memory recall feature will remember the last setting your kit was on before your vehicle power was turned off. Some of the included solid colors are blue, red, green, purple, white, and yellow, and all of the solid color modes and lighting functions are easily operated by using the included 4 button wireless remote or by using the buttons located directly on the control box. This underbody kit is easily expanded with LEDGlow's Interior Junction Cable letting you to add up to 6 interior tubes which will allow you to synchronize your underbody and interior lighting. You can choose to expand this kit at the time of purchase or at a later date by purchasing one of our add-on interior kits.

Million Color SMD Underbody Lighting Kit Includes:

  • (2) 36" & (2) 46" High Impact, Water Resistant Acrylic Tubes
  • 378 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle LEDs with 270 Degrees of Lighting
  • 18 Solid Color Modes Featuring Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple and White
  • 12 Flash Patterns, 5 Sound Activated Modes, 5 Speed Modes and a Color Cycle Mode Through all 18 Solid Colors
  • Easy to Use 4 Button Control Box
  • 4 Button Wireless Remote
  • Underbody Junction Cable
  • Music Sensor
  • Easily Expanded Giving You the Ability to Add Up to 6 Interior Lighting Tubes
  • Rear Underbody Tube Specifically Designed with 18' Feet of Power Wire for Easier Installation, all Other Tubes Include 13' Feet' of Power Wire
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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Million Color Wheel Well Junction Cable

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Product Reviews

  1. Works perfectly!

    Bought this LED kit for my '91 Miata, and I love it!
    Installation is a bit tight since this kit fits larger vehicles too, but it all ended fitting nicely. I managed to squeeze the rear tube into the crash bar, only way you can fit it away from the exhaust.

    The lights are really nice and bright, and survived some pretty hefty puddles so far! The product was neatly packed and crossed the Atlantic ocean without issue!

    Unfortunately, I got hit with a pretty hefty customs fee (42eur in France), so keep that in mind if you're an international buyer.

    Recommended if you want to get back on that 2000's vibe!

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  2. Love these lights

    We bought them for our son over a year ago. Looks great under his Mustang. Bought a 2nd set as parts, he hit an animal and took out the front light. Now he has extras.

    Posted by on
  3. Best undercarriage lights ever

    Great lights. People will be in awe once they are on your vehicle. Heads will turn. Great product. Highly recommended! Very professional looking!

    Posted by on
  4. Professional

    They look really professional

    Posted by on
  5. My Experience With 4x Underbody, 4x wheel well, 1x Grille, and 6x interior)

    I would like to start off by saying this is one of the best kits I have ever bought. I didn’t go with the Bluetooth lights cuz I use Bluetooth with my radio.

    First thing I’d like to mention is, plan your approach! These lights come with just enough cable length combined with junction boxes to put the control box near the driver. This wasn’t an issue for me cuz of the position I wanted my control box so no stars subtracted here.

    Second thing I’d like to mention here is the installation instructions. They are really great. In fact I wouldn’t change anything about them. They are really clear cut and to the point. In fact you almost don’t even need to read them. You can just look at the pictures and understand where the lights go and what orientation they are mounted. The only thing I have to nitpick here is that there are no instructions for showing how to properly combine the junction boxes if you have a 15 pc set like me. This is where I’m subtracting a star. This is something important to the functionality of the lights.

    Third and final thing I’d like to mention is that the kit doesn’t come with any spare brackets or screws. At least my kit didn’t. I still didn’t end up using all of the brackets cuz on my grille I simply zip tied it to my front frame which is right in the grille, and also the rear underbody I did the same thing cuz my exhaust was too big to fit anything there with a bracket.

    Some positives:

    1. The kit is bright and colorful. This is the big one. It’s important to make sure the kit is nice and bright. After all, these kits turn us into light bulbs.

    2. The kit was easy to hook up to the car once properly mounted. None of the junction boxes had loose fittment. All cables plugged in nice and snug and fit nicely under some of my panels in the car to keep things inconspicuous.

    3. The kit is clean. I like the key dongle and the control box. This is something small but can go a long way for some people. I like my stuff being fancy and clean. The key dongle is nice black and silver and feels really nice. Nothing about it feels like ‘walmart’ brand. The control box is really nice as well. When the kit is on the control box buttons light up. This again is something small but can go a long way for some people.

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