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24" 7 Color LED Add-On Grille Light Tube for Slimline Underbody Kits

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LEDGlow’s 7 Color Slimline Grille Light features an expertly constructed 24” tube which connects to your existing Slimline Underbody Kit, adding powerfully bright LED illumination to your car or truck’s grille for fully comprehensive illumination.

Illuminate the front end of your car or truck when you add LEDGlow’s 24” 7 Color Slimline Add-On Grille Light Tube, which easily connects to your existing 7 Color Slimline Underbody Kit to reflect the same color settings and lighting effects. Featuring 27 ultra-bright SMD LEDs, this LED grill light bar completes the accent lighting style of your car or truck by enhancing your vehicle’s grille in conjunction with your underglow lighting. Choose from your underbody kit’s 7 solid color options of Blue, Red, Green, Light Green, Purple, Teal and White, along with flashing patterns, scanning and sound activation modes and other effects, and they will be displayed on your grille light as well. With these solid color options and unique patterns, you’ll be able to create a completely customized lighting experience for your car or truck. The sleek and durable 24” slimline tube shines through your car or truck’s grille, showcasing the front end of your ride. It is also easily mounted to the bumper support or hood latch with the included brackets and screws. Utilizing seamless Plug and Play connectivity, this grill LED light bar easily daisy chains to your underbody light tubes, simplifying the install process. Enjoy a fully rounded and complete lighting experience for your car or truck with LEDGlow’s 24” 7 Color Slimline Add-On Grille Light Tube and see how LED grill lights can enhance your vehicle.

LEDGlow includes all mounting hardware, installation instructions, free lifetime tech support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

White SMD LED Grille Light Add-On Tube Includes:

  • (1) 24” 7 Color Slimline Grille Tube
  • 27 Ultra-Bright SMD LEDs
  • Connects to Slimline Underbody Kit
  • Tubes Daisy Chain
  • Simple Plug and Play Connectivity
  • 6’ of Wire on Each End of Tube
  • Mounting Hardware: 4 Brackets & 4 Screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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