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2pc 60" Tailgate LED Light Bar with White Reverse Lights

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LEDGlow’s 60” Tailgate LED Light Bar enhances your full size truck’s factory signals, making them more visible for other motorists on the road with ultra-bright SMD LED technology.

Style Combined with Safety

LEDGlow’s 60” Tailgate LED Light Bar will keep other motorists off your tail with ultra-bright SMD LED technology, while also alerting them of every move you make on the road. This LED tailgate light bar is impossible to miss on the road by featuring 72 red SMD LEDs that are used for running, brake, turn signal and hazard light functions, along with 36 white SMD LEDs used for reverse light signal functions. Featuring a 2pc 30" interlocking, rigid design, this tailgate light adds a unique style and safety feature to your full size truck that is second to none.

Built to Last with Your Truck

This truck tailgate light bar was built and designed with longevity in mind. The SMD LEDs are encapsulated in clear polymer resin that fully seals and protects them against the elements, giving this light bar an IP68 waterproof rating. An O-ring is used on the left half of the light bar that helps further seal the connection point of the two light bar pieces, preventing water or moisture from entering. Housed in a durable, aluminum body, this light bar will withstand any job or adventure you and your truck throw at it.

Tailgate Light Bar Installation Made Easy

Installing this light bar is as easy as connecting the two pieces together, mounting the bar, plugging in the flat 4 pin connector and you’re set! The flat 4 pin connector features 3-1/2’ of wire and plugs directly into the trailer plug of your full size truck. A white wire with a spade connector is attached to the harness that allows you to use the white reverse lights function. Simply use the included splice connector on the factory reverse lights wire and insert the spade connector into the splice connector. It’s that easy! All the installation hardware you need is included such as 4 strips of double sided adhesive tape, 6 self-tapping screws and step-by-step instructions.

LEDGlow's Customer Guarantee

LEDGlow includes a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support with each purchase.

60" Tailgate LED Light Bar Features:

  • Fits any Full Size Truck
  • 2pc 30" Interlocking Design
  • 72 Red SMD LEDs Used for Running, Brake, Turn Signal & Hazard Light Functions
  • 36 White SMD LEDs Used for Reverse Light Function
  • Flat 4 Pin Connector with 3-1/2’ of Wire
  • Clear Polymer Resin Completely Seals LEDs
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • O-Ring Used at Connection of the 2 Pieces
  • Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Rust-Resistant
  • White Wire with Spade Connector for Reverse Lights Function
  • Splice Connector
  • 4 Double Sided Adhesive Tape Strips
  • 6 Self-Tapping Screws
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Y-Splitter Harness
  • Y-Splitter Harness
  • Y-Splitter Harness

This Y-Splitter Harness allows you to simultaneously power your tailgate LED light bar and trailer lights from your truck’s factory flat 4 pin connector. This harness features plug and play connectivity with a length of 18” and 9” or wire for both tailgate and trailer lights connections.

  • Simultaneously Power Tailgate LED Light Bar & Trailer Lights from 1 Harness
  • Plug & Play
  • Only Compatible With a Flat 4 Pin Connection
7 Pin to 4 Pin Adapter
  • 7 Pin to 4 Pin Adapter
  • 7 Pin to 4 Pin Adapter

This Tailgate Trailer Adapter converts your truck’s 7 pin trailer connector to a flat 4 pin connector to power lighting accessories such as tailgate light bars, trailer lights, and much more! Featuring a heavy-duty, weatherproof design with rust-resistant prongs, this adapter will stand up to any weather condition. Installing this adapter takes seconds as you would simply plug it into your truck and then your flat 4 pin accessory into the adapter.

  • Converts Truck’s 7 Pin Trailer Connector to Flat 4 Pin
  • Heavy-Duty, Weatherproof Design
  • Plug & Play
LEDGlow | 2pc Tailgate LED Light Bar with White Reverse Lights 00:57

LEDGlow | 2pc Tailgate LED Light Bar with White Reverse Lights

LEDGlow | How To Install An LEDGlow 2 Piece Tailgate Light Bar Onto Your Truck

Product Reviews

  1. 60" LED Tailgate Lightbar

    Installed this Light bar on my 01 Silverado and Love it !!! Great product, works and performs well. Would highly recommend.

    Posted by on
  2. Taillight bar and underbody lights and under fender lights

    I hav had 2 of the taillight bars one on my first truck in 2012 traded that truck in for 2016 and after 4 years it was still working i ordered one for my 2016 and i love it and all the underbody lights look amazing on my 2016 ram so i will order some more led lights for the inside cab this led light company is just awesome

    Posted by on
  3. 3rd Light will also, be a charm !!!!

    This is my # 3 LED GLOW rear light-bar..
    First one on a 2011 Ford F150 left on when traded trucks..
    Second one for the 2015 F-150 will leave on truck...
    Third one is waiting when the 2019 Ford F-150 is delivered
    the first on Nov.
    Have been more than happy with the LED light bar.
    Seen other trucks with lite bars and none show as much
    light as the LED GLOW...

    TO # 5 post the video shows to predrill the holes in lite
    bar before installing the screws...
    Couldn't ask for better customer service..

    Posted by on
  4. Nice looking aluminum framed 60" tailgate LED unit.

    Since I just installed this LED light bar, I have no info on longevity.
    It is much improved over the version I replaced from 5 years ago.
    I think this unit will last much longer than the one I replaced based on the improved design. Hardwired to truck harness. Total time to install and hardwire about 1.5 hrs. Easy to install and looks great!

    Posted by on
  5. Rear under tailgate light bar

    Excellent product.
    Hardest part is finding correct wiring on a GMC Denali.

    If you want, you can just plug them in and use no reverse lighting.

    Posted by on

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LEDGlow 60" Tailgate LED Light Bar Strip with White Reverse Lights For Full Size Trucks - Running, Brake, Turn Signal & Hazard Lights - Waterproof

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