Add Purple LED Wheel Well Lights to LEDGlow Purple Wireless Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 12, 2020

LEDGlow Purple Wheel Well Lights
  • Purple Wheel Well Lights
  • Add-On Lighting Kit
  • Connect to Purple Wireless Underglow
  • Synchronize Lighting Patterns
  • (4) 24" Flexible Tubes
  • Packed with SMD LED Tech
  • 9' of Wire Per Tube
  • Add-On Junction Box

The results are in… and purple’s a winner!

Our Single Color LED Wheel Well Light Kits are a pretty popular lighting system for cars and trucks. We’re thrilled to see the response since we first launched them, especially since we were really excited about creating them ourselves.

We started off by featuring single color options like Blue, Red, Green and Orange. And after the positive feedback we got on those kits we decided to branch out and look into some other colors. That led us to purple… and we’re happy to say the purple version of our LED wheel well lights has gone over really well with our customers. It’s an incredibly vibrant color that has an impressive impact when it illuminates the wheel wells of a car or truck with its glow. People love the way it looks, and we’re a big fan of it too.

These Purple Wheel Well Lights connect to our Purple Wireless Car Underglow and Purple Wireless Truck Underglow. One of the many features we like about it is how it syncs up to display the same lighting patterns and effects that are set for the underglow kit. The install’s pretty straightforward too. You can mount each of the flexible LED tubes above the wheel or behind the strut, and then make the connections to the underbody lighting.

Ah, yes, purple. We think you’ll be on board with it too. Adding LED lights in wheel wells is a creative and unique way to upgrade the appearance of any car or truck. Think bolder with the purple version of our kit and check out how it looks on your ride.