Advanced 3 Million Color USB Underglow for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Aug 28, 2020

Bluetooth Car Underglow & Truck Underglow
  • Advanced 3 Million Color Underglow
  • Made for Cars and Trucks
  • USB LED Light Kits
  • 5050 SMD LED Tech
  • Simple USB Connectors
  • USB Hub Included
  • Million Color Control Box
  • Build Custom Patterns

We’re constantly fine-tuning our kits to ensure that our customers get the most out of their LED lighting experience. Whether it’s updates to the install process or new lighting features, our goal is to always bring you a high-quality kit at a competitive price.

Our Advanced 3 Million Color USB LED Light Kits just went through a recent round of updates that streamline the LED tubes even further and give you even more comprehensive accent lighting.

Version 4 of our USB LED underglow kits comes with tubes that have less LEDs but even brighter illumination. You’ll get a spotless color blend that highlights your car, truck, limo, and we even have a kit for RVs. These tubes also have a flat mount design which makes them easier to install.

Combine that with the Advanced 3 Million Color feature and you get access to an almost unlimited number of bright LED colors combined with Color, Fade, Chase modes and more. With Advanced 3 Million Color Kits you can run secondary colors and patterns too.

We designed these kits with the goal of making it even easier to install and power our LED light kits. Each one comes with a USB Hub, and the LED tubes have power wires with USB connectors for quick and seamless power connections.

So find the right USB LED strip light kit for your vehicle and take advantage of the latest upgrades. With the easy installation, quick USB connections and Advanced 3 Million Color Lighting, your car or truck will take on a brand new look.