Advanced Single Color Mini LED Motorcycle Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 24, 2024

Single LED Lights for Motorcycles
  • Advanced Single Color Mini Lighting
  • Ultra-Thin Lighting Strips
  • 6" Long with 1/8" Thickness
  • Compact & Flexible
  • Single LED Lights for Motorcycles
  • 5050 SMD LED Tech
  • Fade & Flashing Modes
  • Create Custom Lighting Patterns

Our Advanced Single Color Mini Street Bike Lights went through updates as we switched over to a new Mini-style tube profile. The new version has 6” long light strips with a 1/8” thickness, making them even more subtle when mounted to your bike.

We call them “Mini” strips because even though it’s a more compact design, these single LED lights for motorcycles still have that same vibrant glow that’ll show off your make and model. The strips are packed with 5050 SMD LEDs to give you the look you’ve come to expect with our motorcycle LED light kits.

Check out our Advanced Single Color Mini SMD LED Motorcycle Lights and choose between colors like Blue, White, Red, Green, Purple and more. We call it Advanced Single Color Lighting because of the sharp, crisp illumination and spotless glow they deliver.

Decide which one of these motorcycle LED strip kits is right for your bike, and show off the contours with vibrant LED accent lighting.

Set up any type of layout you want on your Harley, Ducati, Yamaha and other street bikes to get the right look. Work in the Flashing Modes and Fading Mode and you’ll have your own completely customized lighting patterns.

With our single LED lights for motorcycles your street bike takes on a totally different personality. Add these enhanced lighting strips to yours and transform the look of any bike with single color illumination.