Automatic Brake Lights On LEDGlow Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 24, 2021

LEDGlow Motorcycle Lights
  • Automatic Brake Lights
  • Turns SMD LEDs to Red
  • Activate with Simple Connection
  • Added Safety when Riding
  • Pull Brake Handle to Activate
  • Enhances Your Bike
  • Works When Kit Is Off
  • Stand Out at Night

Our Advanced Million Color Motorcycle LED Lights are packed with a bunch of different features that will help you show off any bike when you’re out at night. You can scroll through solid colors, an Advanced Million Color Cycle, Fade Modes and more to set up custom patterns.

Another pretty cool option is the Automatic Brake Lights feature. When you pull the brake handle, the entire kit will instantly illuminate in red SMD LEDs mirroring the motorcycle’s brake lights. Your bike will look amazing when the current pattern setting suddenly shifts to a red glow.

You get a double benefit to this as well. Because not only does it look great, but it is an added safety measure when you’re on the road. Anytime you activate the Automatic Brake Lights, you’re also safely and clearly alerting other drivers that you’re slowing down.

Advanced Million Color Motorcycle LED Light Kits have a control box which is programmed with all of the different colors and lighting effects, including the Automatic Brake Lights setting. But the control box doesn’t have to actually be powered on for this feature to work.

Activation is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is install the blue wire from the control box into the motorcycle’s brake signal wires and you’re ready to go.

Check it out for yourself when you install LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color Motorcycle LED Kit to your Harley, Yamaha, Ducati and more. Your bike will look incredible with SMD LED accent lighting, and the Automatic Brake Lights will give that added safety measure when you’re riding after dark.