Chevy Truck RestoLights | 73-87 C10 LED Tail Lights

Posted by Matt P. on May 28, 2024

73-87 C10 LED Tail Lights
  • 73-87 C10 LED Tail Lights
  • 3rd Gen Chevrolet C10
  • (2) Sequential LED Light Circuit Boards
  • Electronic Flasher
  • (2) Red 194 LED Marker Light Bulbs
  • (2) 1156 LED Reverse Bulbs
  • Factory 1157 Bulb Socket
  • Adjustment Screwdriver

Modify any 1973-1987 Chevy C10’s stock tail lights with our custom C10 Sequential Tail Lights.

3rd Generation Chevy C10 LED tail lights are part of our new lineup of LEDGlow RestoLights designed for specific makes and models to upgrade the factory look. They can be installed to virtually any C/K box body and square body full size pickups in the 3rd Gen 1967-1972 Chevy C10 year range, including C10, C20, C30 and K-Series models.

This all started when we picked up a 1977 C10 to test out different products like gauges and gauge pods along with different accent lighting kits. One thing we noticed was the lack of quality sequential tail lights, and we knew we could do better.

So we set out to build custom 73-87 C10 LED tail lights that would make this Chevy truck stand apart on the road. After designing and building the product - followed by repeated testing to confirm proper functionality - we were happy with the results when it came time to release it.

Ultimately, we think the design details and overall product quality speak for themselves.

These 3rd Gen C10 Sequential Tail Lights have Running Lights, Turn Signals and Brake Lights features. On top of that there are 10 selectable flash sequences like Stock Flash, Strobe, Pulse and more. Your CK box body/square body full size truck will look incredible and you’ll stand out on the road for added safety anytime you're slowing down or changing lanes.

When you pick up these C10 RestoLights you receive (2) Sequential LED Light Circuit Boards, (2) Red 194 LED Marker Light Bulbs, (2) 1156 LED Reverse Bulbs, a Factory 1157 Bulb Socket, Electronic Flasher and Adjustment Screwdriver. The Circuit Boards each have 60 Red LEDs and the Reverse Bulbs both have 63 White LEDs.

Installation Instructions walk you through the straightforward install process. You’ll use the factory tail light covers and hardware, pop each light board into place and run a connection to power. Then set a lighting pattern using the Adjustment Screwdriver and you’re ready to go.

Reenergize the look of your Chevy C10 with LEDGlow RestoLights. These 73-87 C10 LED tail lights deliver customizable settings that accentuate this CK classic.