Flexible Million Color Slimline Grille LED Lights for Flex Slimline Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 05, 2024

LED Grill Lights
  • Flex Slimline Grille Lights
  • 24" Lighting Tube
  • Ultra-Thin & Flexible
  • 3' of Power Wire on Each End
  • Million Color Lighting
  • Bright LED Illumination
  • 5050 SMD LED Tech
  • Build Custom Patterns

Add-On Flexible Million Color Slimline LED Grill Lights for cars and trucks illuminate your vehicle’s grill with ultra-bright LED lighting and effects.

Flex Million Color Slimline Grille Lights are a new product that lines up with our previously-launched Flexible Million Color Slimline Lighting Kits. It’s our way of unifying the product set with lighting kits that illuminate different areas of your car or truck.

This LED grill light kit is not an independent lighting system. It connects to Flex Million Color Slimline Underglow to coordinate the same custom lighting patterns for your car or truck’s underbody and grill. Hit the streets with a lighting showcase that makes you stand apart from ordinary vehicles.

Included you get a 24” grille light that’s packed with (15) 5050 SMD LEDs delivering ultra-bright LED illumination. This 3/4” ultra-thin flex strip is universally fitting with 3’ of power wire on each end and mounting brackets, self-tapping screws and zip ties for installation.

It’s easier to install in the grille assembly. Attach to the bumper support or hood latch support and you’re ready to go.

Million Color Slimline Lighting Kits have 10 Solid Color Modes; Flash, Scan and Fade Modes; a Sound Activation Mode; and a Million Color Cycle. Synchronize patterns with the underbody lights and create virtually any custom lighting pattern you can dream of for your car or truck.

There is also a 4PC Flex Million Color Slimline Wheel Well LED Light Kit that connects to the underbody and grille LED lights for the ultimate lighting experience.

Display the front end of your car or truck with Flex Million Color LED Grill Lights anytime you’re at a car show or simply out for a drive after sundown. Bright LED illumination will also make you more visible when you’re on the road for an added measure of safety.