Flexible Slimline Orange Underglow and Purple Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on Sep 01, 2023

Flexible Slimline Orange Underglow & Purple Underglow
  • Flexible Slimline Underbody Lights
  • Orange Underglow Lights
  • Purple Underglow Lights
  • Made for Cars and Trucks
  • Ultra-Thin Slimline Flex Tubes
  • Programmed Control Box
  • Fade, Flash & SOS Modes
  • Brightness & Speed Levels

Switch on unrivaled underbody LED illumination with LEDGlow Flexible Slimline Orange Underglow Lights or Purple Underglow Lights for cars and trucks.

Choose between (4) underbody light kits measured specifically for cars and trucks including Orange LED Car Underglow, Orange Underglow Lights for Trucks, Purple Underglow for Cars and Purple Underglow Lights for Trucks.

This is the first flexible underglow kit at LEDGlow dedicated to putting your specific make and model on full display. This lighting system is easy to use, easy to install, and easy to operate with the included 4-button wireless remote. The 5/16” Slimline tubes are discreet and compact but still deliver vibrant underglow.

Each set of expandable underbody lights comes with (2) 48” flexible lighting tubes for the sides and (2) 30” flexible lighting tubes for the front and rear. The “30 tubes are measured to ensure better clearance for modern dual exhaust vehicles. The truck version also has (2) 24” flexible lighting tubes for pickups with a larger wheel base. The Slimline flex tubes have a flat-mount design and are equipped with 5050 SMD LED tech to deliver ultra-bright LED illumination.

You’re covered with everything needed for installation including clear mounting brackets, zip ties and screws. The tubes have end caps, modular connectors, and daisy-chain together with 3’ of power wiring attached to each end. With the expandability feature you can increase the number of underglow flex tubes anytime.

Choose between Orange and Purple to transform the look of your vehicle when you hit the streets. The control box is programmed with single color illumination plus Fade, Flash & SOS Modes. Combine your selected single color with these lighting effects to create custom patterns.

Showcase your car or truck with Orange or Purple Underglow Lights that produce a spotless color spill underneath your vehicle featuring your favorite solid color. Slimline flex tubes are ultra-thin, subtle and easier to install while still delivering comprehensive illumination that makes you stand out on the road.