How to Install an LEDGlow Golf Cart Voltage Reducer

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 07, 2023

Golf Cart Voltage Reducer
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LEDGlow Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducers help you safely power golf cart lights and other 12v accessories up to 5 Amps in electronic golf carts.

This golf cart voltage reducer can be installed in 15v to 72v models and wire directly into your golf cart’s batteries along with the golf cart LED lights.

We include installation instructions and an installation video to ensure your golf cart reducer install goes off without a hitch. Detailed instructions will walk you through step by step, and the video gives you the ability to watch the entire installation from start to finish.

Each voltage reducer for golf carts is equipped with 1.5’ of input and output wires that connect directly to the battery and golf cart LED kit. The wire lengths give you added flexibility during installation.

Find a reliable, flat metal surface to mount the reducer with hardware or adhesive tape. Just make sure to install this voltage step down converter in a location away from heat or moving parts since it will reach high temperatures.

Effortlessly make the required wiring connections and this golf cart voltage reducer will be ready for use.

With LEDGlow golf cart battery voltage reducers, you can connect to virtually any power source with a voltage between 15 and 72 volts, stepping down to 12 volts to achieve a safe and reliable voltage level.

Look no further than LEDGlow when you need to find the best golf cart voltage reducer to power golf cart lights for EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car and other LSVs.