How to Install Car Underglow Lights

Posted by Matt P. on May 25, 2023

Bluetooth Car Underglow
  • Bluetooth Car Underglow Kit
  • SMD LED Lighting Tubes
  • 7 Port Junction Box
  • Wiring and Hardware
  • Product Install Video
  • Installation Guide
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
  • Roadmap for Installation

Bluetooth Million Color Car Underglow illuminates the underbody of virtually any make and model with custom lighting patterns using your smartphone.

This Bluetooth underglow kit comes with ultra-bright SMD LED lighting tubes, a Bluetooth control box, a 7 port junction box, power wiring, adhesive tape, mounting brackets, screws and zip ties. You’ll have everything you need for installation - all you have to do is bring your tools.

When it’s time to get started, we have an Installation Video that takes you through every step of the process. You can use it as a roadmap to check against your work as you’re moving along. Easily access the information you need to install this Bluetooth car underglow to your specific application.

We also have a handy Installation Guide available in print or digital form for quick reference. And if you have any questions along the way, Free Lifetime Tech Support comes standard for our customers. That means you can reach out to us anytime via Phone, Email or Chat.

With a few swipes on your compatible iOS or Android device, this Bluetooth Car Underglow Kit will take your driving experience to another level. Use the Integrated Color Wheel to create virtually any solid color, and choose from lighting effects like Pulse, Chase, Sweeping Modes and more.

You’re in the right spot when you’re looking for the best car underglow to illuminate your vehicle. We’ll help you save time and speed up installation of your Bluetooth underglow kit with this Installation Video and Installation Guide, which are both your resource for a seamless and effective install of this Bluetooth Million Color Car Underbody Light Kit.