How To Install LED Lights On Can Am Spyder

Posted by Matt P. on May 23, 2023

Can Am Spyder Light Kits
  • Light Kit for Can Am Spyder
  • Installation Video
  • Walks You Through the Process
  • Saves Time On the Install
  • Everything for Installation
  • Detailed Install Guide
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
  • In-House Customer Support

Now that you picked up our Bluetooth Advanced Million Color Can Am Spyder LED Lights, we have all the tools you need for a successful installation.

Along with a handy Install Guide that maps out the process, and Free Lifetime Tech Support with our In-House Team to assist with any questions, we also have an Installation Video that demonstrates the full setup. Check it out for yourself with time stamps that direct you to each step.

These Can Am Spyder Light Kits come with ultra-thin flexible lighting strips that have pre-attached adhesive tape, wiring harnesses, wiring extensions and more. You’ll have everything you need for installation. All you have to do is bring your tools for this Spyder light installation.

Use this video to start working on your 3-Wheel Touring Motorcycle and set up these Smartphone Controlled Spyder Lights in any custom configuration you come up with. Once you install the lighting strips and run the power wires, begin selecting lighting patterns with your compatible iOS or Android that put your Can Am on full display.

When you illuminate your bike with Bluetooth Advanced Million Color Can Am Spyder LED Accent Lights from LEDGlow, the purchase is only the beginning. We’re right there with you in the garage for installation and this video is a key resource to save you time and make the process easier.