How to Put LED Lights on a Motorcycle

Posted by Matt P. on Mar 25, 2024

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LEDGlow Motorcycle Lights transform all different kinds of bikes with multi-color illumination courtesy of LED light strips packed with LED tech.

We have motorcycle underglow tailored to specific makes and models - like Harley and Can-Am - and kits that can be installed to virtually any street bike. Select colors and effects to build the custom lighting patterns for your Harley, Yamaha, Ducati and more.

Depending on the motorcycle LED light kit, you can select the number of strips with a range that goes anywhere from a 6pc up to a 30pc count for ultimate customization. These ultra-thin and flexible strips can also be cut to fit harder-to-reach areas.

The beauty of these street bike LED lights is that you can set up the ultra-thin flex strips in any customizable pattern you can think of. With the pre-applied adhesive tape, it’s a breeze attaching them to your specific make and model.

Each kit comes with everything needed for installation. In addition to the LED lighting strips, wiring, zip ties and more are provided. We also recommend adhesion promoter to reinforce the bond between the strip and the bike.

Power wiring is attached to each lighting strip and interconnects with the other strips through included multi-piece power harnesses. Run all wiring to the included control box and power source and you’ll be able to program custom lighting patterns in no time.

We include detailed installation instructions for all of our street bike LED kits that walk you through the entire process step by step. Free Lifetime Tech Support also comes standard for our customers, so we’re always here to assist in setting up your motorcycle lights.