Installation | 3' Wire Extensions for Million Color Slimline Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 18, 2020

Bluetooth Car Underglow & Truck Underglow
  • 3' Wiring Extenders
  • Million Color Slimline Kits
  • Connect to Kit Wiring
  • Make Installation Even Easier
  • Plug and Play Connectivity
  • Male and Female 4-Pin Connector
  • Seamless Connections
  • Made For Slimline LED Tubes

A little bit of slack goes a long way when you’re installing an LED underglow kit. There’s nothing like having that extra wiring so you don’t have to think twice about the way you’re setting up your kit, knowing you’ll already have enough wire to run.

That’s why we recently finished up the design for our Million Color Slimline Underglow Kit 3' Wire Extensions. This isn’t some random wiring harness that fits any application. We made it specifically for the Car and Truck versions of our Million Color SMD LED Slimline Underglow Light Kits.

Each wiring harness adds another 3’ to the wiring that’s pre-attached at both ends of the Million Color Slimline underbody lighting tubes. Connecting them doesn’t get much easier since we worked in Plug and Play Connectivity. The ends have male and female 4-pin connectors that are compatible with the tubes. All you have to do is simply attach them to the tube’s existing wires.

Customized install accessories are one of our top priorities. We want to help our customers with installation in any way we can, and making the overall process even easier and more flexible is a big part of that. That’s why we make add-on options like this 3’ wiring extender for custom applications such as our Slimline Underglow for Cars and Trucks. Ultimately, we have you covered with any parts and accessories you need for our lighting systems, and they’re tailored to each individual kit.

Million Color Slimline SMD LED Underbody Lights are an extremely popular part of our lineup. Check out the way they’ll enhance your car or truck, and with our 3’ Wire Extensions the installation just became even simpler.