LEDGlow 4-Seater and 6-Seater Million Color Expandable Golf Cart Lights

Posted by Matt P. on May 07, 2018

LEDGlow Golf Cart Kits
  • Expandable Golf Cart Lights
  • Million Color Illumination
  • 4-Seaters & 6-Seaters
  • Gas or Electric Models
  • Flexible Lighting Tubes
  • Packed with SMD LED Tech
  • Million Color Control Box
  • Custom Lighting Patterns

Golf carts can be great for a variety of transportation uses. In the past you may have only found them on the green, but lately golf carts are being used as utility vehicles for a bunch of different purposes. You might spot golf carts being used to drive around a neighborhood, marina or campground. The term “golf car” is becoming more and more common.

And it doesn’t stop with residential, since businesses are finding ways to use them as well. Hotels, airports, college campuses, car dealerships, and other businesses find golf carts useful to transport guests around smoothly and in style. Employees find that PTVs make outdoor maintenance and daily tasks easier to accomplish in a timely manner with the assistance of carts to move around larger office complexes and warehouses.

Whatever the use, golf carts can be a quick way to get around, and adding style to your LSV can be both easy and fun. LEDGlow Million Color Golf Cart LED Lights add one-of-a-kind illumination to your 4-Seater or 6-Seater golf car for added style and visibility while cruising around at night. Leave other PTV golf cart owners and your guests in awe when they see you heading down the road with multiple solid color options and a variety of lighting effects.

Million Color Golf Cart LED Light Kits utilize thin, flexible lighting tubes packed with SMD LED tech to deliver unrivaled illumination and create a custom look. Each flex tube can be contoured to your preferred mounting location for endless mounting capabilities. The included Control Box gives you endless customization by featuring 18 Solid Color Modes with 4 Brightness Levels, 5 Scanning Modes, 5 Flashing Modes and 5 Chasing Modes.

A Million Color Cycle scrolls through a nearly unlimited number of variations in the shading of each Solid Color Mode. 5 Sound Activation Modes cause the SMD LEDs to react to music, creating lighting effects that are in sync with the sound. Control all of these features by simply using the included Control Box or 4 Button Wireless Remote.

Each golf cart lighting tube is equipped with 13’ of power wire for added maneuverability during installation. Self-tapping screws, zip ties and more are provided for the process. We also have a Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer which can be installed to LSV golf cars with 15v-to-72v batteries.

Transform the look of your 4-Seater or 6-Seater LSV with expandable golf cart underglow. Check out all of our Golf Cart Lights to see the single and multi-color PTV golf cart light kits available for virtually any EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car, Icon and more.

Feel confident in knowing LEDGlow stands behind all of our products by providing a One Year Limited Warranty and Free Lifetime Tech Support with each Million Color Golf Cart LED Kit purchase!