LEDGlow | How to Install LED Boat Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 20, 2024

LED Boat Lights
  • How to Install LED Boat Lights
  • Waterproof Lighting Tubes
  • Power Wiring Harnesses
  • Installation Instructions
  • Marine LED Lights
  • Single or Multi Color Lighting
  • Vibrant LED Illumination
  • Stand Out on Open Water

LEDGlow Marine LED Lights transform all different kinds of boats with single or multi color illumination courtesy of LED lighting tubes packed with SMD LEDs.

We have LED boat lights that can be installed to fishing vessels, jet boats, sailboats, yachts and other types of craft. Select vibrant LED colors that accentuate the contours of your Intrepid, Viking, Hatteras, Sea Ray and more.

Depending on the boat LED light kit, you can select the number of tubes with a range that goes anywhere from a 2pc up to a 20pc count for ultimate customization. These tough, durable and waterproof tubes can be added to the deck, crow’s nest, cockpit, cabin, gunwales, under consoles, and behind the panels.

The great thing about these LED marine lights is that you can set them up in any custom pattern you can think of. You can get just the right configuration of LED accent illumination to put your ship on full display.

Each boat LED light kit includes everything needed for installation. With adhesive tape, extended power wiring and modular connectors it’s a breeze attaching them to your ship. We also recommend adhesion promoter to reinforce the bond between the tubes and your boat.

We include detailed step by step instructions to show you how to install LED boat lights. Our Customer Support and Tech Support teams are also here if we can assist with any questions along the way.

LEDGlow Single Color ship lights feature vibrant single color illumination with the options of Blue, Red, Green and White.

If you go with our Million Color LED Lights for Boats, there’s a Control Box that gives you the ability to program custom lighting patterns with effects including Flash Modes, a Fade Mode and Cycle Modes.

Run all wiring to your power source and you’ll be able to illuminate your boat in no time.

Whether you’re freshwater fishing in a river or anchored off the coastline in open ocean, these LED boat lights will help you stand out with added safety and showcase your craft at the same time.