Light Up Your Road Trip With Million Color Slimline RV Underbody LED Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 03, 2021

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We have some great news about our RV Underglow Lighting Kit. We just upgraded to a Slimline version which lowers the price and makes it even easier to install. LEDGlow Slimline Kit Motorhome LED Lights have a much thinner tube profile at 5/8” diameter. The benefit is they’re more subtle and lighter but you still get that same vibrant LED lighting.

You have (4) different options with these RV lights depending on the size of your RV. You can choose between a 20’-25’ Kit, 30’-35’ Kit, 40’-45’ Kit and a 45’+ kit. We measured out each version specifically for RVs to make sure they fit precisely. We don’t just repurpose a kit for another kind of vehicle and rebrand it for RVs.

There are 46”, 36” and 24” water-resistant underbody tubes. Depending on the kit size the number of tubes will vary. Each one is packed with bright wide-angle 3528 SMD LEDs that deliver one-of-a-kind lighting. You’re covered with 3’ of wiring on the end of each tube and mounting hardware for the install. We also include a Slimline Hub System -- each Hub holds 8 additional tubes -- so you can always expand the size of the kit.

The fun begins once the recreation vehicle LED underbody lights are in place. Access the pre-programmed control box to set up custom lighting patterns. There’s 10 Solid Color Modes and a Million Color Cycle that goes through variations in the shading of each solid color. Set up lighting effects like a Double Color Chase, Random Color Fade, Section Strobe, Music Scan and a lot more.

The end result is your RV will be completely transformed by an LED lighting experience. Imagine how it’ll look the next time you’re on any kind of road trip, a family vacation, or even if you’re just out cruising. Take a trip in style and show off the look of your motorhome with these RV lights.