Million Color Flex Slimline Underglow for Cars

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 05, 2024

Underglow for Cars
  • Underglow Lights for Cars
  • Million Color Flexible Slimline Lighting
  • Flash, Scan, Fade Modes & More
  • Sound Activation Mode
  • (2) 46” Flex Tubes for Sides
  • (2) 30” Flex Tubes for Front and Rear
  • 3/4” Ultra-Thin Slimline Tubes
  • High Impact & Water Resistant

If you’re looking to install underbody lights to your car but don’t want to deal with larger tubes and a longer install, this 4pc Million Color Flexible Slimline Car Underglow Kit is for you.

Unlike kits with larger tubes, these underbody lights for cars have ultra-thin and lightweight flexible strips. Each flex strip is high-impact and water resistant but only 3/4” in diameter. So you’re getting a Slimline lighting strip that is subtle and low profile but still delivers spotless underglow illumination.

Install this underglow for cars to virtually any make and model. There are (2) 46” strips for the sides and (2) 30” strips for the front and rear. The strips are packed with a total of 168 wide angle SMD LEDs to light up your car’s underbody with ultra-bright lighting that makes you stand out.

Each flex strip has pre-applied adhesive tape, 3’ of power wire and modular connectors so you can daisy chain them together. There’s also mounting brackets, screws and zip ties to reinforce the installation and secure the strips to your car’s underbody.

Once this car underglow kit is in place it’s time to start testing out the features.

The included Control Box is programmed with all of the available lighting features. 10 Solid Color Modes include Blue, Red, Green, White, Pink, Purple, Lavender, Teal, Yellow and Orange.

There’s effects like Rainbow Modes, Flash Modes, Fade Modes and Sound Activation Mode. The Million Color Cycle scans an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color.

Between the colors and effects available with this car underglow you can build all kinds of custom lighting patterns that accentuate underneath your make and model with spotless LED illumination.

Drive with 4pc Million Color Flexible Slimline Underglow Lights for Cars that put you on display and deliver added safety by making you stand out on the road. You’ll have everything you need for installation to set up this car underglow kit and experience vibrant LED illumination courtesy of ultra-thin Slimline strips.