Million Color Flexible Bluetooth Car Underglow

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 21, 2024

Bluetooth Car Underglow
  • Bluetooth Car Underglow
  • Million Color Flexible Lighting
  • Ultra-Thin 3/4" Flex Tubes
  • 5050 SMD LED Technology
  • Bluetooth Control Box
  • 16 Solid Color Modes
  • Dynamic Lighting Effects
  • Create Patterns Using Your Smartphone

Illuminate underneath your make and model with Million Color Flexible Bluetooth Car Underglow.

This Bluetooth LED underglow kit comes with (2) 46” Flex Strips for the sides and (2) 30” Flex Strips for the front and rear. The flexible lighting strips are subtle, ultra-thin and extremely light at 3/4”. But they still deliver ultra-bright illumination by being equipped with a total of 168 wide angle 5050 SMD LEDs.

The result is a flawless color spill that surrounds the underside of your car and makes you stand out for added style and safety when you’re driving.

These Bluetooth LED underglow kits for cars are for anyone who wants an easier install without making major modifications to their vehicle. Each lighting strip has pre-applied adhesive tape for installation and attach with seamless modular connectors. Mounting brackets, screws and zip ties are also included for installation.

Once the Bluetooth underbody lights are in place you can get started by downloading the LEDGlow Automotive Control App to a compatible iOS or Android.

There are 16 Solid Color Modes to choose between, and with the Integrated Color Wheel you can blend those colors to create a custom look. Lighting effects include Pulse Modes, Sweeping Modes, Chose Modes, Running Modes and more. The Million Color Cycle scrolls through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each available solid color.

Combine those colors and effects together to dream up all kinds of different customized lighting patterns for your make and model. All of this is accomplished with a few simple swipes on your phone.

The app also has specialized settings like a Courtesy Lights feature that turns all of the SMD LEDs to white anytime you open one of the car doors. Low Voltage Shutoff automatically turns off the kit anytime the battery reads less than 10 volts for more than 60 seconds.

Instead of a rigid tube design, enjoy added customization with Million Color Flexible Bluetooth Car Underglow. Combined with the LEDGlow Automotive Control App you’ll showcase your make and model with underbody illumination at a car show, on the track or in the streets.