Million Color Slimline Limo LED Lights For Your Next Event

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 16, 2021

LEDGlow Limo LED Lights
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  • Custom Lighting Patterns

We just expanded on our inventory of limo underglow lights by adding a Slimline version for the extremely popular limo LED underglow kit. LEDGlow Slimline Kits have a much thinner tube profile at 5/8” diameter. The benefit is you’re getting the same vibrant glow but with a much more subtle tube that’s less visible, lighter, and easier to install. In fact, we’ve been expanding our Slimline Product LIne across the board lately for a lot of different vehicles.

Check out these Million Color Slimline Limousine LED Lights. They come with (4) 46” and (2) 36” water resistant Slimline tubes packed with bright, wide angle 3528 SMD LEDs. Our limousine neon underglow lights make the party official. You can show off the look of any stretch limo, stretch SUV or party bus by combining colors and lighting effects to make custom patterns.

There’s a Control Box programmed with all the available features. Choose between Solid Color Modes like Red, Pink, Lavender, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal Blue, White and Rainbow 1 & 2. The Million Color Cycle goes through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color. Then you have lighting effects including a Double Color Chase, Random Color Fade, Rainbow Run, Music Scan and a bunch more.

No worries on the install. You’ll have everything you need for the process and we’re always here to help with Free Lifetime Tech Support. This kit also has a Slimline Hub System where each individual Hub holds 8 LED lighting tubes. That means you can expand the size of these limo LED lights if you want and add even more LED tubes.

With this expandability feature you can get the ultimate custom lighting experience. Add 46”, 36” or 24” Slimline Underbody Tubes. You can also install a 24" Grille Light Tube that projects LED lighting through the limo’s grille, showing the same patterns as the limo underglow kit.

Just imagine you have these lights running when people are out celebrating a birthday, wedding, work milestone, or any type of occasion. You’ll barely notice the limo undercarriage lights but they’ll deliver a head-turning underglow. Sit back, party in style and enjoy the LED lighting experience as you paint the town.