New Lighting Strips for Trike LED Lights and Slingshot LED Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 12, 2020

Bluetooth Car Underglow & Truck Underglow
  • New Version 3 Light Strips
  • 5050 SMD LED Tech
  • Reduced to 1/8" Thickness
  • Less Resin Used
  • Advanced Million Color Lighting
  • Trike LED Light Kits
  • Slingshot LED Light Kits
  • Ultra-Bright Illumination

What’s your ride of choice -- a Trike or a Polaris Slingshot®?

Either one is gonna look even sharper courtesy of the recent updates we made to our Version 3 Advanced Million Color SMD LED light strips. We cut down the thickness from 1/4” to 1/8”, and they’re even more flexible so you can bend and contour them as needed to fit your make and model.

Our SMD LED strip lights were already thinner than many others you’ll find out there to begin with, and they use a lot less resin so you won’t experience that yellowing effect which happens over time when more glue has been applied.

Another goal with our new V3 strips was making it even easier to install them in the configuration of your choice. You can accent the underbody, wheels, above the trike’s engine, the slingshot interior, fenders and more exactly the way you want. They’ll take up less space while still glowing with unrivaled brightness.

The end result is that we took the lighting experience for our LiteTrike® trike LED lights and slingshot LED lights to the next level, so our customers will get the maximum impact and benefit when they’re on the road at night. And when you combine the brightness with the Advanced Million Color feature, you’ll get that trademark LEDGlow showcase of lighting.

So no matter what your ride of choice is, and you have either slingshot LED light kits or a trike LED light kit in mind, our Version 3 SMD LED customizable lighting strips are the next step for your three-wheeled motorcycle.