New Product Alert | Million Color Expandable LED 6 Seater Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit

Posted by Matt P. on Apr 12, 2021

Your 6 Seater Golf Cart won’t just be for the golf course anymore when you take it to another level with a golf cart LED light kit. Between the multicolor lighting options and lighting effects you can create a customizable showcase of lighting that is sure to turn some heads.

We made our Million Color Expandable LED 6 Seater Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit specifically for Stretch Golf Carts. All of the included lighting tubes were measured to match the specs of this golf cart’s design.

There are three different options for these golf cart LED lights. You can go with the 4pc Golf Cart Underglow Base Kit, or take advantage of the expandability feature to make it an 8pc Underglow and Wheel Well Lighting Kit. For the ultimate lighting experience, we have a 12pc Kit that has Canopy Lights along with the Underglow and Wheel Well Lights.

The lighting features for this Extended Golf Cart LED Kit are second to none. Choose from a wide range of Solid Color Modes, or activate Million Color Cycle Mode which scrolls through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color option.

Available lighting effects include Strobe Modes, Flash Modes, Fade Modes, and Sound Activation Mode which reacts to the beat of the music playing inside your Limo Golf Cart. Combine these patterns with the color options and you can create a fully customized lighting experience.

On the course, near your home, or out on the road, our Million Color LED 6 Seater Golf Cart Kit will enhance driving at night for you and anyone that is riding with you.