Million Color Expandable LED 6 Seater Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit

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LEDGlow’s 4pc Expandable Million Color Extended Golf Cart SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit will transform the look of your 6 Seater Golf Cart with multi-color LED lighting and a wide range of innovative lighting effects. You can also expand this golf cart underglow kit to create a fully customizable lighting experience for additional sections of your Limo Golf Cart.

Golf Cart LED Lights
Take your golf cart riding experience to the next level with this golf cart LED light kit, which comes with (2) 18" Front & Rear Underbody Tubes and (2) 46" Side Underbody Tubes. That’s a total of 132 SMD LEDs that will showcase any Limo Golf Cart with comprehensive underbody lighting after the sun goes down. Each water-resistant flexible tube is manufactured with a thin and streamlined design, making them easy to mount using the provided screws and zip ties. The tubes have 9’ of wiring so you’ll have no trouble running and connecting them to the included 12-Port Junction Box.

Expand the Size of Your Golf Cart LED Kit
In addition to the 4pc lighting kit you also have the option of installing additional lighting tubes to other sections of your golf cart. You can choose from two different 8pc kits, or a 12pc kit for the ultimate LED lighting experience. The 8pc kits include (4) 12" Wheel Well Tubes or (4) 36" Canopy Tubes, in addition to the (4) Underbody Tubes. The 12pc lighting kit features (4) Underbody Tubes, (4) Wheel Well Tubes, and (4) 36" Canopy Tubes. The Wheel Well and Canopy Tubes come with the same water-resistant flexible design as the Underbody Tubes. The Wheel Well Tubes are also equipped with 9’ of wiring, and the Canopy Tubes each have 13’ of wiring.

Stretch Golf Cart Control Box
The control box for these golf cart underglow lights is programmed with solid colors including Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Teal, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, White and Yellow. With Million Color Cycle Mode you can scroll through a nearly infinite number of variations in the shading of each solid color option. You’ll also have access to 3 Strobe Modes, 3 Fade Modes, 2 Flashing Modes, Color Fade & Gradient Mode, a Demo Mode, 4 Sound-Activated Modes and an S.O.S. Flashing Mode. Additional options include 5 Speed Settings to fine-tune each pattern to your preferred speed level. Users can select the featured solid colors or lighting modes by using either of the two included wireless remotes or the 4 buttons located directly on the control box.

Golf Cart Underglow Lights
The (4) golf cart underbody SMD LED lighting tubes will create a spotless glow beneath your golf cart. Each tube is designed specifically to match the specs of 6 Seater Limo Golf Carts.

Canopy Lights
Illuminate the canopy of your Stretch Golf Cart with the (4) included SMD LED tubes that are designed specifically for 6 Seater models. The same colors and patterns used in other areas of your golf cart will also be displayed in the underlining of the golf cart's canopy, with ultra-bright lighting that shines downward onto the seats and steering wheel.

Wheel Well Lights
The Million Color Golf Cart Wheel Well Lights also connect to the underbody and canopy lights to reflect the same lighting configuration. Illuminate the wheels of any Extended Golf Cart with the (4) flexible tubes which are installed to the wheel well liner.

12 Volt Powered
This golf cart underbody lighting kit can only be powered by a 12 volt system. LEDGlow offers a Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer for golf carts with a higher voltage battery to safely install and power any 12v LED lighting accessory to your electric golf cart with ease.

LEDGlow Guarantee
LEDGlow includes installation instructions, free lifetime technical support and a one-year limited warranty with each purchase.

What’s Included:
  • (2) 18" Front & Rear Underbody Tubes
  • (2) 46" Side Underbody Tubes
  • (1) Control Box
  • (2) Wireless Remotes
  • (1) 12-Port Junction Box
  • (1) Connection Cable
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Product Features:
  • 132 Ultra-Bright, Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • Solid Color Modes Include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Teal, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, White & Yellow
  • Million Color Cycle Mode
  • 3 Strobe Modes, 2 Flash Modes, 1 Color Fade
  • Gradient Mode & Demo Mode
  • 3 Fade Modes
  • 4 Sound-Activated Modes
  • Underbody - 9’ of Wire Each
  • Powered by any 12 Volt System
Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer
Golf Cart Battery Voltage Reducer

If you’re riding an electric golf cart, you will need a voltage step-down converter to safely power this 12 volt golf cart underglow kit. This accessory can be installed to 15 volt - 60 volt golf cart batteries using the pre-attached eyelid and crimp connectors that install directly to the battery terminals and the kit’s power wires.

  • Required for Electric Golf Carts to Safely Power Golf Cart Underbody Lights
  • Compatible with 15 Volt - 60 Volt Batteries
  • Safely Powers any LEDGlow Lighting Kit as well as any Accessory Up to 5 Amps
  • Features 1-1/2' of Wiring with Pre-Attached Eyelid & Crimp Connectors

The Million Color Expandable LED 6 Seater Golf Cart Underbody Lighting Kit comes with an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of LEDGlow products.

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