Pink LED Add-On Wheel Lights For Pink Wireless Underglow Kits

Posted by Matt P. on Apr 28, 2022

LEDGlow Pink Wheel Well Lights
  • Pink Wheel Well Lights
  • Add-On Lighting Kit
  • Connect to Pink Wireless Underglow
  • Synchronize Lighting Patterns
  • (4) 24" Flexible Tubes
  • Packed with SMD LED Tech
  • 9' of Wire Per Tube
  • Add-On Junction Box

By finishing our 4PC Pink Wheel Well Lights Add-On Kit we officially rounded out the lineup of Add-On Single Color LED Wheel Lights available.

You’re getting (4) 24” flexible wheel well tubes that are each packed with 21 SMD LEDs. The result is unrivaled pink illumination. The tubes are water resistant and durable too, so they’ll hold up if the weather takes a turn.

These Pink Add-On Wheel Lights sync up to our Pink LED Wireless Underglow Kit. So you get the same vibrant pink illumination for your car or truck’s underbody and wheels. On top of that the pink wheel lights also display the same lighting effects that are active on the underbody kit.

We got a bunch of requests to add pink to the other solid color modes we have. If pink is your color, you gotta see how these LED wheel well lights look after sundown. The way they showcase the different vehicles we tested them on was pretty sick.

It doesn’t get much easier to install these wheel well lights either. This is an easy add-on for sure. Install them to the fender wells facing down, or behind the struts. No controller is needed, and they link to the Wireless Underglow Lights with the included Junction Box. With a few standard connections you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for pink wheel well lights, we think you’ll dig this LED kit. The pink LED lighting will transform the look of your ride and add a new level to your driving experience at night. Turn a few heads and enhance your car or truck at the same time.