RestoLights C10 Sequential Tail Lights for 1967-1972 Chevy C10

May 22, 2024

C10 LED Tail Lights
  • C10 Sequential Tail Lights
  • 1967-1972 2nd Gen Chevy C10
  • Factory Fitted Lighting
  • Red LED Illumination & Effects
  • Running, Turn Signals & Brake Lights
  • 10 Selectable Flash Sequences
  • Upgraded White LED Reverse Lights
  • Modified C10 LED Tail Lights

2nd Gen C10 LED Tail Lights are LEDGlow RestoLights made specifically for the 1967-1972 Chevy C10.

RestoLights represent our new lineup of accent lighting systems designed for specific vehicles. For the 2nd Generation C10, we picked up a 1972 Chevy C10 and bought it into our shop to get all of the specs, develop and test the C10 tail lights.

They can also be installed to virtually any C20, K10, K20 and additional Chevy/GMC trucks and SUVs in the 2nd Gen 1967-1972 Chevy C10 year range.

With these C10 Sequential Tail Lights you’re upgrading the stock lighting to Running, Turn Signals and Brake Lights settings featuring ultra bright red LED illumination and 10 Selectable Flash Sequences. The factory reverse lights are also upgraded to ultra-bright white LED bulbs.

Our 67-72 C10 LED Tail Lights come with (2) Sequential Red LED Light Circuit Boards, (2) 1156 White LED Reverse Bulbs, Factory 1157 Bulb Socket, Electronic Flasher, and an Adjustment Screwdriver that is used to choose between the 10 Flash Sequences. The Circuit Boards each have 30 Red LEDs and the Reverse Bulbs both have 63 White LEDs.

The 10 Selectable Flash Sequences are Stock Flash; Middle Out Sequence; Strobe; Bottom Up Sequence; Middle Out Scan; Pulse; Bottom Up Scan; Middle Out; Bottom Up Rolling Scan; and Demo. Any of the sequences work with the Turn Signals setting or with Brake Lights to start and end the pattern cycle.

A unique part of this custom lighting kit is the Electronic Flasher, which is an electronic relay that allows the circuit to flash with the new tail light circuit boards. This component is needed for the 67 72 C10 LED Tail Lights to work properly. Basically if you change a stock bulb to upgraded LEDs without changing to an electronic flasher relay, the turn signals will either stay solid and not flash or they will flash too quickly. Other companies charge for this kind of upgrade but we include it.

Benefits of 2nd Gen C10 Sequential Tail Lights include upgrading your stock tail lighting to ultra-bright LED illumination. Not only will your Chevy truck look great, but you’ll also stand out on the road and let other drivers know anytime you’re changing lanes, slowing down or making a turn.

RestoLights bring modern lighting and effects to classic makes and models. Accentuate the look of your 2nd Generation C10 with 67-72 C10 LED Tail Lights that replace the factory lights with ultra-bright LED illumination.