Ride After Sundown with Dirt Bike LED Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Feb 06, 2024

Dirt Bike Lights
  • Dirt Bike Lights
  • Advanced Million Color Lighting
  • Build Custom Patterns
  • Stand Out at Night
  • Hit the Track or Trails
  • 15 Solid Color Modes
  • 3 Flash Modes & 1 Fade Mode
  • Automatic Brake Lights

Catch air with Advanced Million Color Dirt Bike Lights anytime you’re at the track or on the trails.

Customize the look of your Honda, GasGas, Husqvarna, KTM and more with dirt bike LED lights that make you stand out and add safety when you ride at night.

These LED lights for dirt bikes are equipped with 15 Solid Color Modes, 3 Flashing Modes and 1 Fade Mode. The Advanced Million Color Cycle goes through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color. When activated, Automatic Brake Lights turn all of the lights to red anytime you pull the brake handle.

With the available features you can combine colors and effects to build lighting patterns. Customization is key so you can get the right look for your make and model.

Each dirt bike LED light kit comes with ultra-thin and ultra-bright LED flexible light strips packed with 5050 SMD LEDs. The base kit has 6 pieces and you can go all the way up to 20. Create any custom layout you choose and attach them with the pre-applied adhesive tape.

3’ of wiring per strip delivers added flexibility during installation. These flex strips are also waterproof so if you’re in the rain or your bike is kicking up mud, they’ll get the job done and keep your ride illuminated.

A compact, waterproof control box is programmed with all lighting features and the included wireless remote activates those features. The control box is waterproof so the circuit board is completely sealed and protected from dirt, mud and water. Because of the slim design you can easily stash it under the seat in the battery compartment.

There’s also an option for a Smartphone Control Box that works with compatible iOS and Android devices. This control box expands even more on the number of available features.

Light up the track and the trails with Advanced Million Color Dirt Bike Lights. Put your make and model on full display with a multi-color lighting showcase of colors and effects and hit some rad tricks while you’re at it.