Slimline Underglow for Cars and Trucks | Purple and Orange Kits

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 17, 2020

Bluetooth Car Underglow & Truck Underglow
  • Purple & Orange Slimline Kits
  • Car and Truck Underglow
  • Wide Angle SMD LEDs
  • Single Color Illumination
  • Ultra-Thin Light Tubes
  • 5/8" Diameter
  • Vibrant LED Lighting
  • Showcase Your Car or Truck

Which version would you go with -- Purple or Orange?

We added both colors to our Wireless SMD LED underglow kits way back after getting a lot of requests from customers for Purple and Orange LED underbody lights. We heard you loud and clear back then, and we hear you again now as we add them to our Slimline Underbody Lighting Kits after getting a bunch of those same requests.

Check out these latest additions in our Car Single Color LED Underbody Lights and LED Underbody Truck Lights categories.

Our SMD LED Slimline Underbody Lights are set up perfectly for distinctive colors like Purple and Orange, creating bright single color illumination beneath your vehicle. These kits feature ultra-thin underglow tubes with a diameter of 5/8” so they’re easy to install and conceal. All you have to do to operate this kit is use the On/Off switch and watch the way it enhances your car or truck.

By accentuating your vehicle with our Slimline underglow light kits in either of these colors you’re getting an unrivaled lighting experience, featuring vibrant and spotless underbody lighting. Depending on the finish of your car or truck you could also choose either color based on which option you think complements it best.

You wanted Purple and Orange versions of our Slimline Underbody Lights? You got ‘em.

So when you’re looking for the best LED underbody light kit, be sure to get more details about either of these underbody lighting systems. Your car or truck will stand out by utilizing an original look and style that also adds a new dimension to your driving experience.