Stand Out on Open Water with Marine LED Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Jan 04, 2024

LED Boat Lights
  • LED Boat Lights
  • Single Color Illumination
  • Waterproof LED Tubes
  • Wiring & Hardware
  • Marine LED Lights
  • Million Color Illumination
  • Build Custom Lighting Patterns
  • Control Box & Wireless Remotes

Single and Multi-Color LED Marine Lights at LEDGlow put virtually any boat on display and provide added safety when you’re at the dock or out on open water at night.

Million Color LED Lights for Boats combine multiple solid color modes and lighting effects to build custom lighting patterns. A Million Color Cycle scrolls through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color mode.

Green or White Marine LED Lights are available for anyone looking to illuminate their boat with an individual vibrant color.

These LED Boat Lights feature waterproof ultra-bright LED lighting tubes packed with SMD LED tech. Tubes feature either single or dual connectors so you can daisy chain one to the next in sequence.

The Million Color Kit includes a Control Box programmed with all features and Wireless Remotes to operate them. The Single Color Kits connect to an auxiliary or accessory power switch for quick activation.

Each Boat LED Light Kit comes with everything needed for installation. 10’ Power Wires are attached to each lighting tube for added flexibility during installation. You’ll also receive extension harnesses and mounting hardware plus instructions to walk you through the process.

Create the custom layout that is right for your boat. Install these Marine LED Lights to the Deck, Cabin, Cockpit, Gunwales, Crow’s Nest and other locations. Stand out after sundown and showcase your specific vessel with LED Boat Lights.